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prep for 2011


By 230338


tried to buy Fuchsia seeds but no one has them. I bought some years ago but they don,t appear tp be available now. Disinfected the greenhouse again and tided the bench trays. must scrape and disinfect the greenhouse floor asap. Looks very empty now . Had a very good learning year thankyou to all the good advice you gave and now its mostley bulbs i have to plant. Still very pleased i joined goy. Take care all

Mpossible to get Fuchsia seeds . I tried at all the garden centres to no avail.

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google fuschia seeds - some specialist places pop up.

30 Aug, 2010


is it time to disinfect the greenhouses now ? only got mine in Jan so i dont know..:o)

30 Aug, 2010


Dont worry Joanella, I wont get round to mine for weeks yet

30 Aug, 2010


i tend to do mine in the early spring so no panic yet.

31 Aug, 2010


i always disinfect after my plants leave the green house so that new seedlings are not infected

3 Sep, 2010

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