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took the chance and varnished my garden shed today. Managed to paint and install a base under my water butt for my watering can. P ut food out for the birds , then deciided to improve a bird feeding stand under construction. Great weather then allowed me to lubricate my greenhouse doors. tip for you to consider is = don,t throw your kitchen towel cardboard insert away just cut it into one inch lenths and use for seedpots. Works great for me, and the card board justs disitegrates in the final potting. Take care

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It has been a busy day here too. I tied up all my red hot pokers and cut off the top foliage. I mulched one bed will do the other tomorrow. I am using the compost left over from my potato pots. I emptied a grow bag of Forty Fold heritage potatoes. The size of each individual potato was from 1 -2" and from the 2 seed potatoes I had planted I got 8lbs of potatoes plus a lot of tiny ones which I did not bother to weigh. I am definitely going to have to get my act together next year to get the watering right. Fortyfold is a lovely floury potato and it cooks in minutes. I also managed to get the shrubs on the pergola pruned so it looks a lot tidier. The weather has been great although tonight it looks like the big black clouds are piling up again.

4 Sep, 2010

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