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By 230338


Wind wind go away or blow in another direction please. The sun took GH heat to 93 but the wind really tried to strain the mounting bolts. I put my trusty portable on and broke into my elvis personations with glee. I was doing so when my friends wife came into my GH and claimed 3 of my tomato plants (blooming heck and i thought she couldnt resist my tones) . So i gave song to my Lettuce and would you believe it my good lady appeared and took 4 of my lettuce. Ecky thump this is getting serious, so i sang to my venus fly trap and it just withered away (LoL). My black gold arrived (Coffee no milk ) and my good lady thanked me for the lettuce. See ( I thought) the day is improving as i potted my 4 th Daf banner pansy and smiled. And as i praised the moment ,a voice came over the intercome " Can Alice have a lettuce as well" cor blimey if it was,nt so windy i would have gone for a walk. Hope you enjoy take care.

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lovely picture of the dicentra

have you got any lettuce left?

2 May, 2011


Sorry to hear your luttice and tomatoes have been raided lol but they must be good for them to want them, you ll have to plant extra next year. Sorry too to hear your venus fly trap has withered away was that your singing that killed it lol hope you have a lovely week.

2 May, 2011


Och for dears sake Tony! And you were going to have lettuce and salad for your tea as well! Have you got ANY left? You're going to have to grow a secret stash somewhere, and get the big, bold, Capt'n Tiny to protect them, he could probably do some severe damage with his wee peg-leg (1in!) and his trusty crutch! Or Lucy could turn the hose on them!
Shoulder is doing grand, still being careful with it, but I'm in for more punishment... sorry ;0) physiotherapy tomorrow, so we'll see how many more sessions she wants to me to have then! None, says I!! :0) Have fun, don't get blown away!

2 May, 2011


Hi Sticki! Tony must have left a red sock in his machine when he washed his Dicentra! ;0)

Tony, look at Sticki's lovely Dicentra photo (or was it a blog?) and you'll get what I'm blethering about!

2 May, 2011


Which Elvis song were you singing on such a windy day ?
All Shook Up ? ;o)

3 May, 2011


very good TT!

thats very kind of you libet ~ you make me laugh ~ captain tiny and his trusty crutch!!! sorry to hear you have a bad shoulder ~ hope its ok very soon.

the lettuce story reminds me of peter rabbit in mr mcgregor's garden!!

3 May, 2011

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