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Wondered of to my palace in a jovial mood. My rendition of coming round the mountain bringing a loud howl from Muffin and a whistle on core from my little angels(Robins ). Checked the shed floor for a certain intruder, and noted that my security system was intact. The crossbow and harpoon were still loaded so i gave a sigh of relief that no one had tried to enter. Construction of Tiny,s new super duper PlayStation was started. On a roll really i managed to measure cut and fit 50% of my easy perches in 15mil wood before being beckoned to the phone intercom. My good lady in a worried request for me to get Tiny from behind the TV to avoid him short circuiting the sky box. What a rotter his radar must be on the blink and he landed in a strange land of cables. As i approached the house an aroma of burning arouse my nose. Blooming heck Tiny (i thought) he has been cooked. But not at all it was my blinking sprouts begging me to eat them. Tiny (2oz of fierce muscle) landed on my arm gave me a yawn and he got a kiss off val. Ecky thump that doesn’t seem right (LoL). Take care enjoy Tony

This is Tiny,s best side

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Your blogs always make me smile:-)))
Nice photo of Tiny too!

15 Feb, 2012


Hi sheilar Thankyou nice to make people smile. Take care enjoy Tony

15 Feb, 2012


Now, where am I going to get a bit of nylon to patch up the harpoon hole in my anorak? Lucky it just shot through the hood... Good news is that it pranged the lid off the biccy tin! Rose!! Get the kettle on!! There's dunkin' to be done! That crossbow's got a heck of a twang! Lol! ;0)
Tiny will be thrilled (Trilled?!) that he's getting his extra perches made, he'll be exhausted bouncing around all the new ones. It's a wonder Tiny didn't short circuit himself, let alone the Sky box! I wonder does he taste like chicke... Ahem!! Forget that last bit! HaHa!! "2oz of fierce muscle!!" That wee sentence has had me laughing for 20 mins! You haven't lost your touch, Tony, sooo funny!!...

16 Feb, 2012


I'm pleased it got you and not me Elizabeth. what a sneak you are Tony, setting traps for us like that! I'm not sure whether I should make you anymore jam now! Tiny also knows where his bread is buttered ( so to speak). Is the tele. still working! lol.

16 Feb, 2012


Blinking heck you,ve done it now Elizabeth. Tiny has just completed 10 push ups and he resembles popeye. Are you aware he may be able to read? (LoL). He tips the scales at 3 ounces now. Sorry about the Anorak and i will not give anyone the photo impression of your feet on my lawn. Empty biccy tin due for restocking and no i am keeping the date secret on the packet its got consume before 18th feb. Like the trilled pun but Tiny was,nt very trilled about it. Talley ho me harty take care. Tony PS 3 ounces of Budgie regulo 2 on gas 3 seconds, please dont use electric its an on and off job their(LoL).

16 Feb, 2012


Rose you tricky lady. My camera picked you up skipping around Elizabeth whilst devouring a jamey dodger. Appears you let muffin into my shed and he was giving Elizabeth a recovery kiss. Sorrey my error as i now veiw a rich tea crumb near her mouth. Hey up Rose you,ve absconded with my tin under your arm . What a bloomin crew all me vitals consumed. Its no wonder i am loosing weight. Tiny did wonders with the tv we can get Wales now . Take care Rose Tony

16 Feb, 2012


Nooo it wasn't me, I really don't like jammy dodgers ,yuk!
So, that just leaves Elizabeth, hehee! Now, you'd miss us if we weren't here Tony and perhaps Tiny should go behind the tele. again. You never know what you might be watching next time. lol.

17 Feb, 2012


Sorry Rose but the jam on the dodger was yours. Are you admitting your jam is unsavory?. Yes Rose i would definitely miss yourself and Elizabeth if you were not there how ever Elizabeth thinks i am not all there when i am here most of the time(LoL). Gets blinking confusing where ever i am. Take care Rose enjoy Tony

17 Feb, 2012


I quite agree with her Tony, there's hope for me yet!

19 Feb, 2012


hi rose So now that we have reached the conclusion that i am beyond help it is my intension to cut off your supplie of strawberrys. Jam production will suffer(LoL). Take care Rose enjoy Tony

20 Feb, 2012


I don't think you would really miss my jam , unless of course you've run out of "no nails" glue for your little jobs! lol.

23 Feb, 2012

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