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Went to GC this morning and on sale was a packet of three strawberry plants £ 1-90. Product from Holland but the three plants had leaves on them and appeared quite healthy. Never experienced that before. So many multi composts on view and it seems each year they increase in bag sizes. I am going with my usual multi again this year namely= J Arthur bowers but the bag size will be 120 litres. I know their are many good products out there but why change if you are satisfied with the one you know. Greenhouse soon to be cleared of patio furniture but cuttings appear OK. My Acers seem to be OK still only two germinated but they are static in growth and am keeping them in propagator fingers crossed. Think i have lost my third Rose cutting but my two climbing Rose cuttings look very promising. My good lady bought me a book on propagation recently and i am hoping that will help this year. Take care all Tony

last years photo

2011 But i love the colour

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What a lovely neat garden.
Hope all your cuttings do you proud.

17 Feb, 2012


I intend to make a start this weekend - I have already taken stock of what has survived and where I need to make replacements

17 Feb, 2012


Hi Willinilli Thankyou. Since photo taken last year i have treated the lawn and now have a nice depth of grass. Thankyou again and hope your garden prospers. Take care enjoy Tony

17 Feb, 2012


Hi marigold Weather here now quite mild hope it stays that way and wish you good luck in garden. You have prompted me to get started. Take care enjoy Tony

17 Feb, 2012


I use Arthur bowers too,Tony and haven't had any problems with it. I've also tried rose cuttings how you and Elizabeth do them instead of trenches like I normally do. The latter gives 100% success , but takes a full year before they can be transplanted, so am trying it your way and waiting to see what results I get. Will let you know on their progress.

19 Feb, 2012


Hi Rose My freind and i tried so many composts over 3 years and finally found bowers an excellent quality compost a year ago. Its a very versatile compost but at present my local GC is awaiting delivery. Val and i put the compost stock on hold until first week in march. Two climbing rose cuttings from last year seem to be doing great (not turning black) but the third cutting of my rose bush appears to be wilting. Probably my inexperience but we live and learn don,t we. Take care Rose Tony

20 Feb, 2012


I'm waiting to see how many of my rose cuttings have taken. There seems to be a few shoots on some of them already and its not that long since I did them, so I'm really fussy. You haven't overwatered this rose bush cutting, have you? Its fun trying anyway, isn't it.

23 Feb, 2012


Hi Rose Think maybe i put cuttings too high and allowed wind to get at them. The two Rose climber cuttings seem ok but they are potted close to lawn surface. At that level it appears to shelter from wind. Great enjoyment waiting for results though. You appear to be having great results with your cuttings Rose. I will keep you posted on progress. Spring cannot come quickley enough. Take care enjoy Tony

23 Feb, 2012


My cuttings were inside the cold greenhouse , so maybe this is why they were quicker.

24 Feb, 2012

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