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construction completed((Tiny the budgie)


By 230338


Tiny,s new play station is now functioning fully. I resisted the application for an en suite establishment via Tiny. And he was severely reprimanded for going into a tantrum and throwing his hard hat at me. In a purely friendly way i resisted throwing my sledge hammer back at him but his rents gone up (LoL). The size of the PlayStation has been increased giving Tiny more room for devilment, and he can gain access freely from his cage door. Prior to the new station Tiny had to jump at least 2 inches to gain access to the old one. I was informed that he could miss the perch and fall miserably onto the carpet and this could effect the arthritis in his left knee not to mention the dent his beak would have suffered. It appears we have a little bird with more medical records than the N H S. Having said that we love him to bits and maybe 2 inches is a large gap (LoL). Take care all and enjoy Tony PS photo of station in camera but good lady has taken it to sisters.

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I hope Tiny appreciates his refurbed accommodation and can understand that you need to increase his rent! lol

22 Feb, 2012


Great news ...
.... when is the play-station-warming party ? ;o)

23 Feb, 2012


Oh yes, Terra , what a good idea, can we all come! I'll bring my very popular fruit loaf. No jam for the scones though seeing how my strawberries have been stopped!

23 Feb, 2012


Hi Rose ..
Tiny's beak might get too sticky with jam ... a menu of seed cake and fruit loaf ? ;o)

What would you suggest for party games ?
Hunt the millet ?
Pin the tail on the parrot ?

23 Feb, 2012


Hi sheilar Tiny now settling in fine on new station. He refused to pay his rent on the grounds he could get my good lady to cut the power off to my shed. On that note i had to cancel all rent and install a seed bell on the top floor(LoL). Take care enjoy Tony

23 Feb, 2012


Lol Tony :-))

23 Feb, 2012


Hi Terra Tiny doing fine on new playstation. We are stocking his goodies with seed belle,s and honey sticks. Blinking heck he may get a nighthood its getting out of hand(LoL). Take care hope crocus is fine Tony New station on next blog.

23 Feb, 2012


Hi Rose Under great strain here. Tiny insists on strawberry muffins for the party. The embargo is off and strawberrys are on the way to you. Rose how about a few jam tarts also?. Whoops! sorry lets concentrate on the muffins(LoL). Take care enjoy Tony

23 Feb, 2012


I think that would be best Tony. Tiny might put his beak into them and stick!!!

24 Feb, 2012


Hi Tony...
Crocus is letting all his budgie friends know about the party ...
will there be room on the perches for a sleep-over ? ;o)

24 Feb, 2012

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