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Bit of a tip at present. Patio chairs on staging,and my cuttings are under cover to one side. Stood and viewed the situation and thought " well not for long, its all going to come together for my plug plants and seed". Checked my home made water system it should keep my new water matting moist( storage via a plastic toolbox converted into a water box). Tried it last year and it was very helpful to my three tomatoes plants. Plenty of room for seeds to develop, and room for matured plants to rest. Am very excited as it could prove a much better year than last. Had to sacrifice my Alicante (Tomatoes) as i need the room for the plants i have in mind. Basically it really boils down to what weather we get. Evan in the greenhouse i feel good weather benefits the plants. Fingers crossed hope all you nice people enjoy a very productive season. Take care enjoy Tony

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You'll be up and running in no time Tony.

4 Mar, 2012


Rose i have so many things i want to do this season. Think i have a third Acer rising as of this morning. Have to get the GH in shape within the next two weeks other wise i will not be in a good position to house my plug plants. Wild life very noisey of a morning just how i like it. Hope all is going fine your end . Take care Tony

5 Mar, 2012


Busy , busy , busy, Tony, just how I like it! Plenty of seedlings to prick out in my heated greenhouse and the next fine day, I will be manuring all my roses, all 54 of them! I have to barrowload it up from my allotment next door , uphill , to take it into my garden. Thats going to take more than one day! I also have roses on the allotment which I moved there last year, to make some more room in the garden borders. Ooh, I just love this time of year, don't you!

6 Mar, 2012


Hi Rose Blooming heck, 54 Roses that's wonderful in every possible way. I have one Silver Jubilee and i treat it like gold dust. Something about a Rose that always seems to be pleasant. My little jubilee always seems to bring me pleasure. I feed it and sometimes talk to it ,but i would miss it if anything happened to it. Its the one plant i will always cherish. Fuchsias come second and i cannot ever say i dislike any colourful plant. Great to hear your seedlings are prospering Rose, i have to sow what few seeds i have yet but the first of my plug plants arrived today so it was a scramble to pot them. Room and time are my two problems but like yourself i live to be busy. Until next time Rose take care . Tony

6 Mar, 2012


Well I'm not the only one that talks to plants then. I do it all the time. Hubby thinks I'm having a funny turn , talking to myself , but its the plants I talk to. It works, because they always do well.

7 Mar, 2012


Another Acer Tony!! Fantastic! As of today, I have exactly... None!! Wahhh! They don't like me! I wonder did Margaret dig them up while she had them in the bottom of her fridge? Maybe they've mutinied! They don't want me as their Captain! Well, that's the tot of rum off their menu then...maybe that's why they're not up yet...they've all got hangovers! Lol! Great to be back! I talk to my plants too, Rose, but the difference between you and me, is that I know I'm definitely bonkers! And the plants love the CO2!

11 Mar, 2012

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