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Tiny had a mood on him this am and just would,nt be quiet so i confronted him with an alternative. Either he stops asking questions or i go out. Result was that i was out and in my Palace (Shed) very smartley. My New project on the planning boared. A hanging coldframe 2ft by 2ft with three shelves each 2ft long and 6 ins wide. It will be movable to any part of the garden and fulley Weatherproof. Its my answer to having all my cuttings in one place. I may extened the length and height to 29.5 ins as a better use of wood. With its mobility i can use direction to the full to assist the cuttings. If i do not run out of wood its a 3hr job and 4day weatherproofing task. And it will be a miracle if i can stick to that schedual subject to familey visits. Frame already assembled this pm. Take care will print results Tony

Old photo of my growing silver jubilee

Flower bed Foxdenton

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Good luck with the Cold Frame. Tiny knew he'd find a way to get you started on that project ;o)

6 May, 2012


Hi Terra Thankyou. Tiny could talk the hind legs off a Donkey. I think i am his next victim(LoL). Take care Tony

6 May, 2012


well , Tony thats different and will Tiny be using it as a swing as well! Lol.

7 May, 2012


Hi Rose Did you say Tiny and swing or am i going to swing for Tiny (LoL). Got 3 strawberry plants given me yesterday. Cambridge favorits have you heared of them?. Potted them today. Also did a little on my mobile cold frame. Still a lot to do on it yet. My two rose cuttings still look good but no sighn of any new growth yet. Dwarf Godecia do you know any thing about them?. Take care Rose Tony

7 May, 2012


Do you mean the annual Goditia Tony? I used to grow these a lot in the past but as ours is a big garden , they seemed to get swallowed up in it and disappear. They are a very pretty annual, which you could sow direct into the ground now if you want to. Yes I've heard of Cambridge favourites and I think they will be a very tasty one. Now , you don't mean that about poor Tiny , do you!!

9 May, 2012


yes but i have 6 each in 3.5 pots. I was hoping to pot them up into 6ins pots. No i did,nt mean that about Tiny Rose, but he does go over the top sometimes. Take care Tony

9 May, 2012


They will look just as pretty in pots Tony, as long as they have room to grow.

13 May, 2012


Thankyou Rose enjoy break. Take care Tony

13 May, 2012

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