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Greenhouse 10 am 100f, too blinking hot for me. Plants not very happy but Strawberry plants having a laugh. I vamoosed rapidley into my cool shed to work on coldframe. Not my day as my trusty cordless popped its clogs. Caput no power 18 volts of nothing. Back to the lawn watering my 7 hanging baskets ,2 Dicentras,3window boxes,and my beautyful Silver jubilee(Rose). My 2 Pyrocanthus were in need of liquid also. The birds opened up with a very nice melody as i treated my growing ivy to a drink. No wind made the heat blooming hotter . I noticed muffin(next doors dog)tongue drooping looking at me as i watered. I beckond him to come round before we both melted and i watered him also (LoL). Sat in the coolness i thought my crop for next year may well be Bananas. Muffin broke the silence as he crunched my blooming Rich tea stock. The day brightened up as i noticed Tiny(the budgie)doing a rhumba up and down the lounge windowsill and got a big smile from my good lady. Made my day take care Tony

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We complain when it's miserable and wet and complain when it's sunny and warm don't we!!! lol

23 May, 2012


Tony - that just made me chuckle! Hope its nice weather tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to sit and enjoy the garden, today was one of those days. Your budgie knows when hes on to a good thing. I would have loved to see him do a rumba!

23 May, 2012


You need to put some Coolglass on that greenhouse !

24 May, 2012


Hi Sheilar Yes we get a very varied climate . I can to a certain extent veiw my plant growth and predict if the year is going to be nice. This year my system was not for a great growing season. Hope all goes well for you. Take care Tony

24 May, 2012


Hi poppylover99 Glad you enjoyed my blog. Tiny still trying to impress , i keep telling him he is not Fred astaire (LoL). Take care Tony

24 May, 2012


Hi Dianebulley Yes i was going to do that but the glazing is pollycarbonet and was advised that it was,nt reccomended. I have built a net door behind the original slide door and that helps a little . Take care Tony

24 May, 2012


I can just imagine wee Tiny wobbling up and down the window sill! Maybe it was the Galloping Gordon's he was dancing for you! Hard work dancing in that heat though! It's been gorgeous over here too, but by gum, it's hard keeping all the plants from drying out in their pots! One day I was walking around the plants with a watering can and a hose for the guts of seven hours! It was windy as well as really hot, so they were drying out as fast as I was watering! And, as I was saying to Rose, because the wind was making me feel a bit cooler, I didn't realise until it was too late, that I'd sunburnt my watering hand really badly! I looked like I'd got one bright pink rubber glove on, I'm such a twerp! And I'm usually the first one out with the sunblock as well, that'll teach me! Lol!
You could try hanging a length of green netting over the outside of your hottest side of your greenhouse Tony, it really helped mine cool down? You know, like strawberry netting? I'll be back soon! Take care!x

31 May, 2012


Well aren't you lucky having all this hot weather and there we were in Turkey and its raining! 3 days without stopping. Elizabeths right , you must get that greenhouse shaded with netting or spray shading spray on the hottest side. Its nice to be back, and the weather did improve. At least you know it wasn't me that ate the biccy's! I quite like rich tea! lol.

1 Jun, 2012


!Caramba,mama mia! its my number one . Hi Elizabeth . Tiny bushed ,he went to bed early, but he gasped a message before retiring " my little tootsies are done for" at that point i tied his bootlaces together (LoL). Yep its been very hot but the recent rain here seems to have brought life back into my cuttings. Got my first Rose cutting showing growth,have my strawberrys doing fine and its a tickety boo on 99% of my other cuttings. My hole in pot experiment also seems ok. Alas Elizabeth my acer project flopped, not a blooming thing. i got one to breach the soil surface then lost the blinking plot i am afraid. How can you burn your watering hand Elizabeth? I never could find fingerprints on my shed door so i took it you always wore gloves (LoL). Anyway its nice to hear all is fine with yourself and Keith and your keeping busy. Hope it continues and that your hand gets better. Am off on hols Aug so i won, t be back on line for 4 wks. Take care enjoy Tony

4 Jun, 2012


Hi Rose Blinking heck bad weather in Turkey! At the time we had a spare brolley as well. Rose i hope you did,nt get up to mischeif in turkey. I Ts so rare having bad weather there. Me thinks Elizabeth could have used her sunburnt hand to gesture a spell on your hols. By gum that lass takes the biscuit(mostley my rich tea). Any way i hope you enjoyed the change of scenery the med is very nice. I go on hols in Aug for 4 wks ,so i won,t be on line Aug. My Rose cuttings are begining to sprout offshoots ( only one of two at present) so thank you for the advice. All my cuttings and my strawberries are looking fine also. Been concentrating on both Lawns as i had a dandylion invasion to quell. All ok now. Take care Rose hope you liked the queens jubilee on tv. Tony

4 Jun, 2012


So where are you off to for 4 weeks. What on earth will Tiny think, when you are leaving him for so long! Lol.
Do you know, I was that busy catching up on my allotment garden , that I completely forgot the Jubilee was on! There's just not enough hours in the day!

7 Jun, 2012


Hi Rose yes 24 hrs just will not do but it goes very much quicker when one tries to slow it down. Going to USA doing a little touring then paying a visit to freinds in Calafornia. Total change of scene but we have been before. Will miss Tiny and of course yourself and the irish fairy (LoL). Driving is a dream there Rose. Had to do 3 dvd copies of the Jubilee Rose for freinds . 327 minuets each blooming headache really. Did you see my rose cuttings on my blog?. Second one not showing growth yet. Take care Tony

7 Jun, 2012


Wow, Aren't you the lucky one, I've never been to America and California as well! It puts my little holiday in the shade! Yes, I did see your rose cuttings Tony. I hope you've got someone reliable to look after them for you, while you're away!

8 Jun, 2012


Hi Rose If you enjoy a holiday in ireland(we did in 94) then the holiday has acheived its use. The differance with the states is i come back blooming shattered and very weak from the US humour. People are very nice. Garden here being looked after by a good neighbour who ate my lettuces last year. If he gets in my greenhouse i hope he does,nt have a taste for Fuchsia,s(LoL). Waite until you see my bird bath Rose. Just a little bit to complete on the Bath cradle. Rain today prevented me from completing it. Take care Rose Tony

8 Jun, 2012


Well, the famous bird bath, I can't wait to see it! How could I not enjoy Ireland, meeting our lovely friend Elizabeth. We are staying with her and Keith for 5 days and , weather permitting are taking us to see the sights of Ireland.The flight is only an hour , much better than your very long flight! Ooer! I don't think I would like that!
I'm growing fuschias for the first time . So , are yours going to be better than mine! Hehee! Probably.

10 Jun, 2012


hi Rose I usualey fall fast a sleep Rose and the flight does,nt seem as long. Loved ireland (My father was born in co mayo) met some very nice people there. Bird bath completed today Rose. Will put it on Goy tomorrow , hope i can catch a bird using it Rose. So hot today 105 in greenhouse . Take care enjoy Tony

10 Jun, 2012


And what is the temp. outside Tony!!

12 Jun, 2012

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