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Tending to my plants i had a feeling some sinister being was observing me from afar. On veiwing my photo,s i appear to have captured the little devil and his side kick. What a diabolical pair of rotters. Hope you like. Take care Tony

There they are

There they are again

Blimey he wants my new bird bath desighn

Front lawn

Rear Lawn

My little Pieris

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Oh yes, I do like your bird bath Tony and I'm sure the birds will as well as long as you can keep those two cheeky gnomes away from it! Lol. Your front garden is very neat and tidy, but perhaps as there is not much in it, you're new rose cuttings when grown could be perfect.What do you think!

12 Jun, 2012


Hi Rose Oddley enough Rose we have seen quite a few sparrows already bathing in the bird bath. What with feeding and bird box houseing our rear lawn is a blinking holiday resort for Robins, sparrows and Bluetits. Front garden will house some of my cuttings soon Rose. I grow them but my good lady plants them. Got some Hebe,Periwinkle,and ivy cuttings ready for the front garden plus several Fuchia cuttings. What a mixture. Take care Rose.

12 Jun, 2012


Well that is a mixture, and I will look forward to seeing pictures of those! Its amazing how quick birds soon find new feeders and bird baths, isn't it.They must go and tell all their friends! Lol.

14 Jun, 2012


Hi Rose Counted 9 sparrows, 5 bluetits in15 minuets useing the bird bath. They were soaked and it was raining heavy at the same time. Is,nt it funny how they just dip and splash ?. Tiny will not venture into his cage bath( i have to spray him) . I put him in full veiw of the birds bathing but not a blooming responce i still had to spray him. Will get some snaps on line asap. Take care Rose . Tony

15 Jun, 2012


Will look forward to those Tony. I love to watch the birds bathe. poor Tiny, doesn't he like water?

16 Jun, 2012


Hii Rose Very heavy rain here today Rose. Lost count of birds using the bath. Tried Tiny again but not a sausage he prefers a dash of budgie shampoo in his spray water(LoL). He excels at kissing visitors though hence his red beak. Mention bath and he waddles off to be with someone who he has in his spell. Tried to update his hygene but he would,nt have it. I use Val,s old scent spray on him he does,nt stand a chance of avoiding the first spray. He vanishes around the third spray very upset and disgruntled. Take care Rose . Tony

16 Jun, 2012

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