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Tinys new play station


By 230338


Yes Tiny made a deal with my good lady and i fell for it blooming hook line and sinker. A much more up to date play station was the request. It appears Tiny should,nt have to jump more than 3 inches on the old station in case he slips. Flipping heck i have been try to lasoo him for 2 years and he soon avoids that(LoL). Any way he is to have a new more comfortable play station preferabley one he cannot eat quite so frequentley. Yep he ate sam the noddy duck and decapitated tweety pies feet rather quickley. Our Tiny can talk the hinde legs off a Donkey and chew the front one,s at the same time a blooming cannibal Budgie. So its hi ho hi ho and into the shed i go. May start to morrow thats if he has,nt talked the sparrows into eating it also. Take care all Tony

Tiny the terrible

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Very smart, lucky Tiny

7 Nov, 2012


Tiny is one very spoilt budgie, you know you like all these little jobs Tony, lol...
Has he sent his letter to Santa yet????

8 Nov, 2012


He looks so innocent......

I seem to think years ago my budgie had a bone thing to gnaw on?

8 Nov, 2012


That's a splendid play station ...
... looking forward to updates ...

Pam... bone to gnaw ?
Do you mean cuttle fish ?
Budgies like to peck on that for the calcium and minerals.

There's a photo of a cuttle fish piece, which was given as a birthday present to my Crocus budgie ...

... on his recent budgie birthday blog "Let's Party" ..

8 Nov, 2012


lucky tiny, great playstation ,
lol Pam bone thing hahah, made me laugh :o))

8 Nov, 2012


I'd like to be Tiny with a brand new playstation. lol. One pampered budgie ~ lucky him ;-)

8 Nov, 2012


Now THAT is a playstation and a half Tony! No health and safety issues! Just fabulous, wouldn't mind an afternoon on there myself, somehow don't think Tiny would agree to that....:))

8 Nov, 2012


Hi Drc Yes one very smart cannibal budgie. But just waite until i give him a rent book (LoL). Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Hi Lincslass I think Tiny by passed his santa letter and sent it to my good lady instead. He sure knows how to get his own way. The new playstation is still on paper but the old one is on the photograph i posted. Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Hi pam g Yes Tiny puts that (Help me ) look on for attension,its a blooming ploy really. I usualey get a distinct Rasberry noise instead. Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Hi terra Hope crocus and the beautyful doggies are fine. New playstation plans still on paper but i hope it lasts longer than Tinys old one. Tiny lets me give him a shower three times a week. He lifts his little wings so that i can spray under them its laughable . Will try to start on station soon but i have quite a lot of projects in the pipeline . Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Hi janey New station still on paper . The snap on picture was the old station but its rapidley being eaten away . Tiny will love his new station Janey as i am considering getting a whistling Budgie Toy to keep him in line. Janey you really would,nt like it on the old station due to the booby traps i installed for him (LoL). To date i am suffering for the idea. Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Hi sanbaz Yes pam,s bone thing got me to. Its the part visible on my finger when Tiny feels peckish (LoL). Take care Tony

8 Nov, 2012


Aaw, he looks so sweet sat there Tony. I can't believe all the things you say about him! So spoilt as well!

10 Nov, 2012


Wow!! Wonderful play station, and such a clean and sparkling cage!! HOW do you do it? I would be pleased to know your cage cleaning routine....A lovely little budgie. My "Tufty" ( he has a tuft on his head) is quite the boss, hence his nickname of The Hawk !!!!!!

3 Mar, 2013

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