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By 230338


Hi every body , hope you all had a pleasant festive season. Thank You for the many nice greetings i received over the period and i hope you all enjoyed the celebrations. My good lady and i had a quiet Xmas but things went very amusing at the new year. Once again i had to try a wild guess at the lock combination on the mince pie tin, and my niece did an excellent hoover attempt before i could get to my blooming Black Forest Dessert. I really do not appear to be as fast these days but next Xmas i may tie her trainer shoe laces together (LoL). On the whole all went well and our Tiny (The budgie) loved his toast on Xmas day. I mentioned that as i got my toast a good 20 min later, in our house Tiny has top priority. I tried to rectify the latter but i lost my strawberry jam privilege (Last year) so ecky thump not again. Planning Alicante for the greenhouse And much more activity outside than in 2012. Very excited about coming season,and hope the weather allows everyone time to do what they want. Take care enjoy Tony

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Ha ha Tony, sounds like you had a lovely time, albeit rations on the sweet goodies...:)). At least you will remain your svelte self, even if it's not by choice...ha ha.

Wishing you and your good lady and not forgetting Tiny,
All best wishes for this new year...I'm so looking forward to getting in the garden aren't you?

3 Jan, 2013


I'm glad you had a good xmas. I did too.
2013 started well with our local HPS group meeting tonight. We had Dr Timothy Walker the director of the oxford Botanic gardens come to speak to us. He is brilliant and if you get the chance to hear him, do.

3 Jan, 2013


Hi Janey Thankyou and i hope your familey enjoy 2013 very much. Yes i keep thinking how i want my greenhouse plants to appear (Colour and lots of plants)then i get over exited and have to resort to trying to outsmart Tiny. I do at times get carried away with my eagerness to try and put 24 hrs work into 8 hrs in my garden but my good lady stops my gallop thank heaven. Will soon be making my seed order and putting the results on Goy hope you enjoy. Take care Tony

4 Jan, 2013


Hi Seaburngirl Very interesting i always admire the variouse horticultural experts as they often convey natural advice on so many plant systems. Enjoy 2013 and will be posting my seed results in the spring on GOY. Take care Tony

4 Jan, 2013


Hello Tony, Happy New year to you and your good lady, and of course Tiny. You're early, planning your growing season ! I'm too busy finishing off all the Christmas food and watching all the Morse collection which my hubby bought us both for Christmas, A good bargain there! 33 DVd's for £49 which were £200! I suppose I'll have to get myself off the sofa eventually! Hahaa! Poor Elizabeth has been so ill with that novirus since just after Boxing Day and is only just getting over it now. x

5 Jan, 2013


hi Rose have tried resting on the sofa but it was frequentley interrupted by a little voice squeaking " give me a kiss" or "where,s val" and i then get the odd raspberry down my ear. I,ll settle for viewing Morse any day(LoL). Great series, one of our neighbors had a brother who befriended John thaw in his younger days. She also gave information to his wife for the book she was writing. Blooming heck i hope Elizabeth recovers OK. I be wishing a big tot of rum and a double thickness shawl for the wee lassie . I don't drink alcohol so its a fruit juice shaken not stirred for me. Hope she gets better soon. Take care Rose , be good Tony

5 Jan, 2013


A big tot of rum, Tony! Now I know you are trying to sound Irish and in Elizabeth's words, I would say " that's grand pet!" Hahaa!
My husband would have been so thrilled to have met John Thaw. What a lucky lady she was!
Elizabeth is much better now, thanks and will pass on your "wee" message. Oh yes, and I'm always good Tony, too old now to be anything else! Or am I! Hahaa!

7 Jan, 2013


Hi rose Sheila Hancock actualey came to our freinds home next door to get the information on her husbands earley life. We did,nt live here at that time. Glad Elizabeths on the mend , every time i see a potatoe i think of her. Blimey Rose does that mean i am talking to an angel? ecky thump thats a first for me. I work on the age theory as being one day younger than yesterday,unfortunatley there are moments that my endevours don,t aggree but that was yesterday anyway (LoL). Take care Rose Tony

7 Jan, 2013


Why a potato , Tony! No, you could never call me an angel! Well, nearly , anyway! hahaa! And as for age, I think I'm always going to be 40 my head!

10 Jan, 2013


Hi Rose On my visits to ireland Rose i always enjoyed the potatoes done in there skin. Hence my expression about Elizabeth but i really didnt mean any harm by it . I often think i am 30 Rose but the rest of my body does,nt quite see it that way. On the whole i feel very young though. Blimey i am bounding oer to my prep blog now. Take care Rose Tony

10 Jan, 2013


I can't believe you have never had potatoes in their skins before, Tony. We always have them like that in the summer. I know what you mean about age, Tony, I'm going backwards now! Mind you , that might be senility, not youth! Hahaa! See you on then ext page then!

13 Jan, 2013


Hi Rose It just brings back good memories when i associate a potatoe and Elizabeth , she is a nice lady and i hope she gets well soon. I enjoyed the irish soda bread also but the commercial type here isnt any thing like i had in ireland. Must get a recipe for it as i used to enjoy baking years ago. Take care Tony

13 Jan, 2013


I never tried soda bread when we were there , Tony! I'll have to have words with Elizabeth! Hahaa! So you bake as well! Is there no end to your talents! Hahaa!

14 Jan, 2013


Hi Rose Up until a year ago i enjoyed baking the familey xmas cake and at least 4 dozen mince pies. I was fortunate to take a minor baking course via a chef in lancaster ( he was the head chef at a lancaster hotel). Could,nt continue though as i found my other hobbys ,were becoming time consuming. Beleive the soda bread was made with sour milk in ireland. In the states we had a potatoe hash meal complete with Raisins it was new to us but very nice. Take care Tony

15 Jan, 2013

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