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For all members i have just received and flagged a private message i received from an unknown lady requesting me to invite her to england for a cash sum she would provide. I have no idea who she is and as such feel i should bring your attension to this scam. Take care all Tony

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I received the same one Tony so also flagged it....

19 Jan, 2013


Thanks for letting everyone know. We cant afford to be caught up in wild ideas only as appertains to gardening!

19 Jan, 2013


Thanks for the warning Tony. These people will try anything.

19 Jan, 2013


Thanks for that , Tony. I don't know how they get on this site!

19 Jan, 2013


They can get anywhere on the web, Rose. Our son is applying for jobs and his CV is seemingly on the web. He just had a job offer from some company that sounded very suspicious so he contacted the police. Apparantly it was a scam and the authorities are 'on the case'.

19 Jan, 2013


The Police are very good. Quietly working away to protect innocent people from tricksters.

20 Jan, 2013


Hi Dianebulley I was surprized on hearing via other goy members that simular scams had been put on goy. Guess its a part of computor life we have to put up with. Take care , hope no other members experiance the shock of simular messages. Tony

20 Jan, 2013

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