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Sun welcome


By 230338


We had Sunshine today,it was very cold though. Most of the snow and ice has gone now. I beleive it may return but what the heck i got all my shed locks up to scratch anyway. Bird feeders were empty again, and i think we have inherited the entire Robin population of England. 6lbs of seed in 2 and half weeks, blimey if i could whistle i would join them. On the gardening front Greenhouse looks empty but primed for big plans in spring. Mail mostley Gardening books so its getting very exciting. Want to grow from seed more this year . Take care all Tony

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You will have to be sending those robins to slimming World...

24 Jan, 2013


I wrap my allotment gate lock in a polythene bag, saves de-rusting it in the spring.

25 Jan, 2013


sun whats that?????

we have had grey skies or snowy skies for 2 weeks now. I have forotten what a blue sky looks like.

glad you are all fired up and ready to grow in your greenhouse. Me too.

25 Jan, 2013


Hi Steragram Your right. Am just working out a direct debit for the seed befor we get to the bank tomorrow(LoL). Take care enjoy Tony

25 Jan, 2013


Hi Dianabulley Wonderful, wish i had an Allotment. Take care Tony

25 Jan, 2013


hi seaburngirl Guess we are paying for it now as we have a new snow fall (started 4pm) and its 5 to 6 ins deep. Problem is its getting thicker and sky is still very grey. Blimey its definately a wellington job tomorrow . Just had call from my neice she has offered me the loan of her sledge. First hour half price (LoL). Take care enjoy Tony

25 Jan, 2013


You are lucky getting all those robins, Tony, we only get one and then its mate in the spring. They are usually terratorial birds and don't like other robins intruding. One year another robin turned up and the resident one turned on it until it actually killed it. That was so sad! So you're growing more this year, and I'm growing less! I am disappointed really , but with having such a long holiday this year, I can't expect my gardening friend to look after everything! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you grow this time! Perhaps you should start to sell your plants to pay for all that bird seed! Hahaa!

26 Jan, 2013


Hi Rose Did,nt know Robins were terratorial birds but that explains the many squables we see at times. The snow yesterday has put many of our birds in the tree,s to keep warm. G lad i put roof on my main feeder as it managed to deflect the downfall which was very bad. We lost SKY tv signal also but its ok now. With a little luck i hope to grow more from seed this yearRose. If i can get my neice to return my new camera i will put my acheivments on goy. take care Rose. Tony

26 Jan, 2013


I will look forward to that, Tony! Our snow has all gone , only to be replaced with rain! I really need to get outside now!

28 Jan, 2013

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