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Nice day


By 230338


Sunny and pleasent really but very warm in greenhouse. Bursting with future hopes i checked all trays and gave the large worktop trays another disinfection with Jeyes. Decided to stock up on timber so i visited my supplier and filled my shed shelves with some nice peices of plained timber. Got a little cold then so i vamoosed into the lounge and asked Tiny if he wanted to play ping pong football. Not a blooming chance all he wanted was to try to hypnotise me from the top of my magazine. It was,nt until my good lady pointed out i was offering a portion of my toast to him that i realized he had succeded . Blooming yellow fluff ball just repeated" I want Kissy kissy" and with a beak like that i thought no chance. Take care all Tony @ Tiny



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Cute Tiny ... such a clever boy :o)

14 Mar, 2013


So whats all this timber for then Tony? Are you still trying to make your little palace "Elizabeth" proof! Hahaa!
She sends her best wishes, by the way.
You really mean business this year, don't you! Green house already for sowing! I'm missing doing my sowing this year as we are on holiday for the whole of June , so can't expect my gardening friend to water everything , can I !

14 Mar, 2013


Nice pics Tony, that little budgie knows when to be at his cutest and get a reward, been very pleasant here as well....

14 Mar, 2013


Hi Terra Thankyou , he really does like being the centre of attension. Hope crocus is fine. Take care Tony

14 Mar, 2013


Hi Rose One can but try however i fear Elizabeth could vaporize through the key hole if she wanted. Blimey that's a nice holiday being away all June. Don,t forget to pack your bikini Rose i hope the weather is fine for you and hubby. Glad Elizabeth is fine hope all goes well with her gardening. We are in pow wow talks about hols at the moment. Got my new tomatoe set up ready for the plants today. Going to try a growbag.and a tomatoe pot i used for ring culture in my earley gardening days. Take care Tony

14 Mar, 2013


Hi Lincslass Glad you like Tinys pose. I think he was trying to stare me out again(LoL). Take care best wishes for the coming gardening season Tony

14 Mar, 2013


We are going back to our favourite little town in Turkey, Ovacik. 5th time there now! We decided to go a bit later as May was a wash out last year! Literally! June is my busiest month in the garden , but as my hubby as been wanting to do this for years, I thought it was only fair to let him win this one! Hahaa! Oh yes....and no bikini! I don't want to scare people ! Hahaa!

15 Mar, 2013


hi Rose Well i hope your holiday is enjoyable and i know the weather their is usualey very nice. Going to try Sungold tomatoes this year (I think you reccomended them if i remember correctley). My good lady bought me 3 open bottomed pots to use in a grow bag and i am looking forward to planting up. Got numerouse wood projects to tackle again this year but materials i have already purchased. Have checked floor boards and reset the crossbow over my biccy tin Rose so any false moves( from we know who ) and her rabbits foot will be gazumpt.(LoL). Take care Rose Tony

15 Mar, 2013


Yes, I think I did recommend these , Tony. They are one of the sweetest tomatoes I have ever grown!
Oooh , poor Elizabeth! I better warn her! lol!
You still haven't told me what these projects are!

17 Mar, 2013


Hi Rose General woodwork really Rose. Tiny may get his new playstation, and i enjoy making picture frames. No more bird boxes as we are now 9 boxes in the tree,s and on the house wall. May make some bird feeders though. My prob these days is the weather and the time mostley. I don,t make plans now as they are hard to keep. My good lady points me in the direction of the shed and i am away pronto (LoL). Take care Tony

19 Mar, 2013


You must have plenty of photos then to put in all these frames, Tony! I bet it will be lovely in your garden watching all the birds enjoying their new homes!

23 Mar, 2013


hi Rose I give the frames to the familey , its really what i enjoy doing. I can see several of the nest boxes from my palace and greenhouse and i keep hoping a new species may enter the garden. No seeds in yet its very cold so i had to put propagator on hold. Hope weather is,nt as bad in your area. Take care Rose Tony

24 Mar, 2013

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