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Shiver me timbers (i thought) as i looked at my 4 coleus plants. Little seeds to nice little plants in less than 5 months. Just the opposite with my blinking Toms no fruit yet but growing quite large. But my strawberries ecky thump plenty of developing fruit on them. My 3 geraniums are increasing foliage dailey i have to guess their colour but am enjoying the waite. Growbag Toms not as well developed as my potted one,s that has me puzzled but patience may alter that veiw. On the cuttings scene both my 2yr Pyrocanthus cuttings are ready for planting, and my 4 hebe cuttings are same. My vinca cuttings are ready for the garden and my one Rose cutting (Silver jubilee) taken in2012should be ok to plant in oct ,nov this year. Blimey i am on cloud nine and i havent crossed my fingers yet. Nice season to date hope all your plants are growing well. Take care Tony.

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I bought growbags this year, first time. Realised the compost is solid ! How could Tomato roots penetrate that brick like substance ? Realised I had to dig it out with a small fork and add fertilisers and horticultural sand.
Suppose its caused by stacking the bags up all winter.

12 Jun, 2013


After last years awful tomato season instead of growing my own plants from seed I bought two each of six varieties (and a couple of bush ones in pots)and planted them into grobags in the gh. (standing them on their edge can loosen the compost)
Its an interesting experiment, the older varieties are slower to flower and fruit (alicante, moneymaker etc.) sungold is a shorter tom but has young toms each variety the two plants are performing the same......
The little stars are two bush toms Venus and red robin who have small toms way ahead of their taller cousins( as expected really)

I really did it for a taste test but its a fascinating experiment

12 Jun, 2013


I don't have any fruits on Toms yet, either Tony. Been so dull this spring, they're all behind.Let's hope the weaher's picks up and they improve(I'm not holding my breath though!!)

12 Jun, 2013


Hi Paultheguard Yes the weather has been unusual but am keeping fingers crossed for improvement. My toms (sungold) are very slow growing. I have a Tom plant from a salad tomatoe we had in march and its doing far better than the other plants. Take care Tony

12 Jun, 2013


Hi Pamg Yes i tried t and ms sungold this year but they are slow growing in comparison to my alicante of last year. Could be to do with our weather ups and downs. In March we had a salad with the most sweet tomatoes so i harvested some seeds from them and its given me a very strong plant so far. I hope it repays me a simular Tomatoe this year and i may use the same method in 2014 if it does. You appear to be having much more luck in growing than i please let me know how you get on. Take care Tony

12 Jun, 2013


Hi Dianebulley Blooming heck as solid as that could it be old stock do you think ?. I have for the first time tried growbags this year but not really impressed that it is better than pots. Maybe its somthing i am doing wrong i don,t know. Having much more success with Flowers though. I will have to study up more on Tom growing. Take care hope you enjoy the season. Tony

12 Jun, 2013


Hi Tony....when I use Growbags, I put a pot with bottom taken out into the planting hole and fill it with compost.this helps in two ways.Gives the plant more growing medium and also, makes it easier to get a stake to stay upright!

13 Jun, 2013


hi Paultheguard Am using surface pots with an outer water reservoir on the growbag but its very slow at showing results. Roots may have not gone down to the bag level yet. Thanks for advice will try your method if all fails. Take care Tony

13 Jun, 2013


Good luck! It would help if th sweater warmed/brightened up!

16 Jun, 2013

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