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Blooming magpie did a kamakasi on my beloved Heart bush and vamoosed with half doz heart petals in his beak!. What a blooming liberty(i thought) as i sipped my iced tea. Its getting dangerouse under my brolley in such close proximity to the maggys. Alas all was not lost as more petals were in veiw. Weather is so good every plant appears to be growing huge. Green house after 9"30am is a no go zone and by 9"30 pm its a blinking jungle. Toms doing fine Coleus very nice,and my shed enterance paving has been extended by 4 very large paving stones. The latter allows me to do a lot more woodwork outside with my bench electric saw. I water everyplant before 9 am and that goes for the magpies if they get in the way(LoL). Robins, Blue tits, Sparrows, they all visit quite frequentley so i top both bird baths and feeders at the same time . Maybe that magpie was a victim of my garden hose spray. !What a bounder by gum. Take care all, keep cool Tony

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Lovely photo's Tony, I'm not friends with the magpies that visit here, the rotten beggars raided one of my blackbirds nests when I was out one day, my neighbour heard the kerfuffle but was too late to save the babies, I know its natures way but I still haven't forgiven them and admit I do chase them off...
Too hot in the garden today so I had to do some housework, lol....

16 Jul, 2013


When are you going to get another Budgie Tony ?
We miss the antics.

17 Jul, 2013


Lovely blog, just shows that the birds feel at home in your garden - enough to steal things!
We have loads of magpies and a couple of years ago I counted 13 up on the bonfire heap one evening at dusk. Don't know what the rhyme would be for 13 - it only goes up to seven! We also had a brown and white one which is called leucism and caused by lack of pigmentation.
Hot here too at 9.45am so will have to find a shady place to do some work.

17 Jul, 2013


hi Lincslass Yes i beleive they can be cannibal like ,but like you say thats their nature . The heatwave i beleive is here for some time yet but now its getting a little overpowering , especialey in the GH and at times in the open. Never mind hope you had the fan onn in the house (LoL). Take care stay cool Tony

17 Jul, 2013


hi Dianebulley Glad you liked the late Tinys antics. At present we are still missing the little vandal very much. I am waiting for my good lady to say "go yonder and purchase another bird " and i will be out to do just that pronto. Then we will have to teach him who is boss (as we did Tiny ) and who reads the blinking morning paper first. We failed miserabley with Tiny since he ignored both and even got his toast before me(LoL). Take care thankyou for nice comment. Tony

17 Jul, 2013


Hi honeysuckle Yes we also get quite a lot of bird life on our lawn. I have 9 bird boxes and 2 bird baths on site so the youngsters appear to return quite frequentley. I sometimes think they come back for security (Not many cats)although i don,t mind cats . I can go through 2lb of bird seed in 3 days so i guess they always know its an open feed treat. Neighbors are waiting for new nest boxes also but its so hot i have to put the project on hold. Enjoy the wild life and take care Tony

17 Jul, 2013

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