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Little surprises


By 2ndhand


I always keep a note of what I have sown, grown, and where they have been planted, but as usually, best laid plans and all that. I went out this morning to check on a couple of things and low and behold, found things I’d totally forgotten that I had planted.

Here a Campunala globmerata is nestling in amongst some verbascum seedlings.

This is a primula that my friend gave me, that in her garden in deep purple, she split up her plant last year.

And this is a plant I think I originally bought as a cirsium, but the leaves are not right. so any guesses on this one folks?

This is one of the first purple papavers to have come out of the shades of red seeds sown last year, including Patties Plum, that wasn’t the usual vermillion or salmon coloured. But I didn’t think I’d planted it next to the Dicentra.

This lovely coloured potentilla, came out of a packet of seeds named fireball, the rest were orangey yellow, so they’re going for sale in the ngs days.

I’d completely forgotten about this double hardy geranium.

Then there’s this gem, The glaucas leaves are a cross between Aquilegia and Thalictrum but the lovely bluish colour. Don’t remember buying it, or planting it. But it’s something I saw on a visit to Aberglasney recently and I knew I had to have it, little did I know I’d already got it.

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I used to keep notes etc but the good work usually lasted for about three or four weeks before I lost interest again! I love the 'surprises' that keep popping up in the garden, especially when something special 'self seeds' itself.

24 May, 2011


I think your little surprises are beautiful especially the double hardy geranium and doesn`t it look good next to the Ajuga.

24 May, 2011


im so glad to hear im not the only one bulbaholic; i have the ideas but i just cant keep up to date with them! all good intentions and all that!!

24 May, 2011


Including me Stickitoffee.

24 May, 2011


thanks for being so honest bulbaholic and coshad! i always assume everyone else manages these things.

24 May, 2011


The little surprises are wonderful. I always forget what I have planted. This year what I was fondly thinking was a hebe has turned out the be a penstemon. Every year I start off keeping notes on dates and seeds sown but then after a few weeks I'm too busy and it all gets abandoned.

24 May, 2011


I am rubbish I never organise my planting ever, it has been said before I am a PLONKER!! A right royal plant Plonker. lol. who needs organisation, I left that at work, much better to be a scatterbrain. lol. You get many more happy surprises that way.

25 May, 2011


i must admit if I have a few new plants to put in, i usually write on the lable the location, then update my journal at a later date. But maybe these didn't have labels or there was sommat more important to do. So theor location never got updated, but they will now. :-)

25 May, 2011


I've just started a little book which i am using to write plant names in when i buy a labelled plant. i used to keep the labels in a box but when I looked at all these muddy bits of plastic one day, I threw them out. Now I regret it because I can't remember all the names.
So let's see if the notebook works. I do like the happy surprises though.

25 May, 2011


unfortunately for me, I still have most of the labels in a box file. but I have pile of box files full of gardening mag bits, and they're on top of one of the tall bookcases in the kitchen, and they mark the wall dreadfully. But as I pointed out to the OM, atleast it shows I use them. :-)

26 May, 2011


Now that we are all members of GOY we can add them to our garden list. When you get photos of your plants then you can add those at a later date. I know it all starts with the best of intentions.........

24 Jun, 2011


HHmmm, I use the Picasa photo thingy and there's so many pictures of plants, I'd be here weeks putting them on the site. :-)

25 Jun, 2011


I know what you mean. I keep saying I've cleared another lot out and turn my back and there they are again in a different guise. I have started putting them in a file with all the perennials in one folder which then has folders for each of the different perennials. Eg Primulas and Campanulas. I saved it all on a disc and when I remember I save the latest version to that. But it does all take time. Since the change over before Christmas I find I only spend a few minutes on here at a time. I find it irritating and very annoying when I leave this comment I back track to my news, then I have to roll down to where it starts again, because of all the adverts above. The constant flashing and jumping gives me a headache. Moan over for today. I wonder if it bothers anyone else.

25 Jun, 2011


don't take any notice of the adverts, but it's the other site, with Jeremy Vines face plastered everywhere. I can't stand him, nor his programme. He winds me up. But I am getting past seeing his moosh on every page.

26 Jun, 2011

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