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My toddler was driving me up the wall yesterday, there was a lot of holding breath and counting to 10! When he had his nap, I dived out into the garden; it saved my sanity! Was driven back indoors by the rain and a full green wheelie bin. Got my compost bin now so collecting kitchen peelings etc now to start it off.
Got my “Gardner’s Diary in Colour” delivered from ebay today. I’ll sit down with a cuppa this afternoon at nap time and have a good look as it’s a bit foggy and damp today. Need to sort out the potting shed soon, got a table to put in there now, just need to rearrange the garden furniture and toys so I can fit it in!

I wish I had taken photos of the gardens before I started as a diary of progress, never mind take some now – hopefully by the next set of photos I’ll notice a dramatic change!

Thank you for all the nice comments.

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You have a toddler ~
I have a new puppy :o)
Exhausting !
... and gardening has to be planned around their needs. Lol.

Well done on getting some work done during the naps and in between the showers. :o)

20 Feb, 2009


yes he's 18 months old and discovering the temper tantrem. I would imagine there is a similar amount of mess as a puppy! Feel like having a nap myself sometimes.

20 Feb, 2009


Oh, tell me about it ~
My pup has no temper tantrums but he does have LOTS of energy....

Yes ~ a very l-o-n-g nap would be nice....
It's a good thing that toddlers and puppies are cute. Lol.

20 Feb, 2009


oh dear the terrible twos coming up, don't envy you that age!! my grandaughter is now 3 and still has her moments (mind you so does my daughter and she's nearly 15!!) hard work but such fun (grandchildren go home at the end of the day :) )

20 Feb, 2009


It will be nice for you to have a table in the potting shed. It must be awkward as it is now.

20 Feb, 2009


I'd like to tell you it gets easier as they get older but....
mine are 11 and 16 and i am 'taxi driver' now and an interest free bank. today 16 yr old says, 'as its a nice day you can garden, if you give me a tenner I'll take blister out for a walk and lunch' £10 money well spent. pruned 5 shrubs. Know what you mean about moving toys to get into our spaces. Treasure the little one and get them interested in the garden. give a small space just for them it works a treat.

20 Feb, 2009


I'd like to tell you it gets easier too. But I'd trade my teenagers for 2 year olds some days. The little ones are exhausting but way less stress. LOL
The terrible twos wasn't so bad it was the flaming fours that got to me the most when they were little. :o)

21 Feb, 2009

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