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I planted Arran pilot seed potatoes after chitting in a compost bag (recommended by the local garden centre) I do not have a large garden so I thought being compact was the best approach. I was doing well, the seeds germinated, sprouted, I added more compost then never got round to adding more compost until very late on in the growing season…. by then it was too late. I stopped all growth (or growth had stopped anyway so nothing was going to sprout up throuogh the top compost!)
Well what I produced I was very proud of …. They tasted delicious ;)

17 Aug 08
I have grown this vegetable from seed, right back in February! I have watched, watered and waited for this moment. Now from the garden I selected tonights vegetable; cabbage.

I cut the stem as instructed (lets see how the mini cabbage develops) now to prepare for the steamer

A good washing was required. Unfortunately the cabbage fell victim to the white butterfly!! I tried so hard to be organic, fending the birds off the early seeds, checking the leaves and one weekend while away, I return to find an infestation and cabbage leaves full of holes!!!!!!!!!!!!
This one was one that escape a lot of damage. Now lets see what it tastes like

My goodness, sooooo much different from shop bought produce and a lot stronger in taste. :-)

Well its root veg season…. and here are my first ‘babies’

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isnt it a great feeling A JH when you can enjoy the produce that you have grown yourself?

16 Aug, 2008


It most certainly is. It's fantastic. I really do feel more content, productive and enthusiastic in my garden now :-) It's my little haven!

16 Aug, 2008


im still waiting on my tomatoes to ripen, cant wait to see what they taste like

16 Aug, 2008


It IS such a great feeling, isn't it! Had eggplant from my Sq.Ft. garden last night. Yummy! I have had so many peppers that I had to put a second container in the freezer for them.

16 Aug, 2008


My tomatoes seem to be taking a long time to ripen too...!
I am excited to grow an eggplant (aubergine) will have a go earlier next year. I also can recognise the 'freezer' packing - I will need a bigger freezer at this rate too!! LOL. Raded mum & dads garden Wednesday, bought rippened blackcurrents, plums, apples, rhubard and raspberries home.... they are in the freezer in bags after freezing seperatley, the rhubard was simmered with cinnamon and ginger, three out of four pots made it to the freezer (yummy). The apples... still debating at mo! I also took clippings of vine, pear and raspberry they are potted and in the greenhouse..... fingers crossed x

16 Aug, 2008


I bought a large chest style freezer 3 years ago and it has been great for the produce. Have containers of homemade salsa, and Jalapeno peppers, Cayenne peppers and homemade Basil Pesto plus cut yellow squash in there now and still waiting on more to go in. I know some of my terminology is a little different, so I will try to make it easy to understand me. lol

17 Aug, 2008


No worries re terminology, please continue to use US terminology, I like the diversity. I just knew I had refered to eggplant earlier so added aubergine to make the link. Hope I didn't / am not offending you!
I think I will repot my basil to encourage more growth. There is never enough leaves from one week to the next! Pesto sauce is delicious and my boys love it :-)
I am just waiting for my pepper plants to mature, just on the verge now (I am really excited - you will probably hear me squeal from your home when they do. LOL!!

17 Aug, 2008


Oh dear - my stomach's rumbling now, reading all this and looking at your lovely dinner, A jh!

17 Aug, 2008


I've done a similar thing to you - tried growing potatoes in tubs but didn't add more compost. I thought they'd all have died away but now I'll go and see if there are enough for a nice meal like yours.
Best wishes, Hywel.

17 Aug, 2008


HI Marguerite, David & Blodyn, thanks for your comments. Its great sharing ideas and expereinces with like mined people. I am affraid I am tempting your taste buds again with my latest pics!! ;)

17 Aug, 2008

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