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Returning to the garden.... Spring is on its way :-)




Hello fellow GOYers….
Long time no blog for me!! I have started pottering about in the greenhouse again in preperation for spring. Wallflowers, winter pancies and …. new plants which escape me!! All coming along nicely….

Aubergines seeded, along with lupins and the vegetable patch dug over….

Half term soon so I will start more seeding.

My geraniums are keeping well in the sun trap of my dining room window :-)

So pleased about that as I would really love a fantastic show on the front this year :-)

Chilli plant is looking sorry for itself, I have repotted it and put it on the dining room windowledge too…. Come on, bring on the chillis :-) (one will not do!!)

ONe buzy lizzy and one begonia flowering in the dining room too….

Well thats the lot…. oh no it isn’t…. (not panto season)….. My spring box is starting to show colour now…. Watch out for the photos…. and…. a friens has found some chinese lanterns for me (she has been talking of these for such a while)

Well, its good to be back, great to start pottering again, even better the lighter days are getting longer and I look forward to more GOY entries

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Uh-oh. More snow!
I'm glad you are thinking ahead, it does help, doesn't it!

8 Feb, 2009


Hi A_JH. Glad you are getting things ready for spring. It really helps you forget about the snow. :o)

9 Feb, 2009


Hi Ajh your garden still looks great even in the Deep Snow , I also started seed sowing last wk for summer colour:)

9 Feb, 2009


Looking forward to seeing your photos. I like geraniums. I hope spring will come soon.

9 Feb, 2009


Thank you for all your lovely comments... I actually like the snow :-) I want MORE! Reminds me of my childhood, sledging! ... Love taking my dog for a walk in it, especially fresh snow :-)

9 Feb, 2009

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