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History – AJH was my father-in-laws initials, JH are mine! I dedicated this gardening blog to him when I first started it. He has been my gardening inspiration, my guide and then I called him my gaffer!! For many years I developed and changed my garden, with many hours of AJHs help and advise.
In 2008 I called myself a budding amateur gardener and I finally bought a greenhouse to complete my ultimate gardening experience!! Or so I thought, back then! I loved the experience. I felt like a ‘kid with a new toy’. More than that, I then started to experience the hard work involved in caring for a greenhouse and all the contents! I found gardening difficult with the English weather we were experiencing back then! I then found some support within my greenhouse from the much improved space and warmth for my plants.
My time ebbed and flowed and in 2010 I set to, to rebuild my devotion to my garden and greenhouse and started planning for the next years crop!
2011 saw me growing fruit crops for Afternoon Tea at Captains Den, a small home based business I had set up after what I call my mid life crisis…. A time in my life where I found I was very frustrated with my nursing career, had moved to teaching, only to find I was so stressed, I had to ‘get out’! I left full time work, shadowed a family built business in a temporary role and took much needed time out to retreat, realign and commence my new journey as a sole trader, self employed business owner!
After retraining as an aromatherapist 2013 saw me in a renewed enthusiastic grounding for home growing. I set to and continued my journey in my garden.
In 2018 I posted; ‘where have I been’? We had moved three years previously, so a new garden! I rekindled my love for gardening and developed a ‘new’ garden!

2023_let’s get back to it! A lot has happened for all of us over the last few years! Sadly AJH has passed, so it’s up to my memory of him to keep going with my gardening enthusiasm.
I have photographed the wintered plants and intend to catalogue them, watch them grow and catalogue through the year! Here’s to a renewed and prolonged enthusiasm for growsonyou!

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welcome back.
I will be interested to see how your 'new' garden develops, so I will look forward to seeing your photos.

19 Jan, 2023


Thank you Seaburngirl! I am about to upload as many photos as I can of the wintering plants in my new', (not so new) garden. It will be great to catalogue and see them grow over the seasons.. I will find old photos too of how the garden was when we first moved in and what we have been creating since then!

20 Jan, 2023


Yes..welcome back from me too, but don't remember seeing your previous blogs.
I would have liked to have seen them!
You have had quite an interesting and busy few years and very adaptable too changing to different jobs.

20 Jan, 2023


Welcome back, I don't remember your previous blogs but I've looked back and found I had seen your posts in the past, a lot has happened over the years and I look forward to seeing your garden and hearing how its going...

20 Jan, 2023


Like others I'd like to welcome you back to GoY! Though I've been on GoY for many years now I don't remember your blogs either! 😞 Did you go under a different name?

Anyway I look forward to hearing about your progress during the year ahead. πŸ‘πŸ˜€

21 Jan, 2023


Thank you Klahanie, Rose1949, Lincslass and Balcony!
I was not sure if I blogged much, if at all, but have just looked back and I did! I remember I used to upload photos and comment on others' photos that caught my eye. As I keep say; let's see where this year leads me.... Happy gardening everyone!

21 Jan, 2023


I love looking back over the blogs A jh, when accounts are deleted so much history and info gets lost, I know its everyone's personal choice but I always think its a shame when it happens....

22 Jan, 2023

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