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Maureen's First Blog


By AndrewR


Hello, I’m Maureen – you may remember when we first met about three months ago

I thought I’d like to tell you how I’m getting on in my new home. Please excuse my English – I come from Africa and I’m still learning the language. When I first came to your country, I went to the Chelsea Floor Show before I moved here to Bracknell.

There are many animals in Africa but I have never seen anything like these two – they are called Beers (I think that’s what they said they are)

They looked a bit fierce but they turned out to be very friendly. Bruno – he’s the one at the top – explained that I needed to look after some plants. When I looked at them, I saw they all had coloured leaves. Soon I thought I should get some more so here are some photos of what I bought (the names are in a funny language called Latin so I’ve probably got these wrong too).

This one is an abelia called ‘Kaleidoscope’. I know this is right because I looked in a book and abelia was the first one listed

I’m not sure who Anthea was but she must have upset someone because this is I-kill-ya ‘Anthea’

I know this one because it grows in South Africa. It is an agapanthus and it is called ‘Tinkerbell’ but I don’t think it flowers very much

This is a small shrub – You-own-a-mouse ‘Blondy’

And this is another You-own-a-mouse called ‘Pierrlino’

The leaves on this one scorch in sun so it needs some shade. It is a fuchsia called ‘Golden Leaf’

Bruno says someone called Spits (who owns a dog called Henry) will like this as it’s a geranium. The variety is ‘Dusky Rose’

I had to get Bruno to write the name of this grass down for me as it is not easy to say. It is hakonechloa macra ‘Naomi’

Apparently, hooker-as are very popular plants. This is ’Plum Royale’

This is a variegated liriope. Barney, the other beer, is quite jealous because he looks after some with green leaves and cannot get them to flower

I think this plant wants to go on holiday – it’s called Pack-me-Sandra

I’m not sure whether this may be used as a herbal medicine? It’s called Percy-care-ear ‘Red Dragon’

Anyway, that’s all the new plants for now. This is how my garden looks – do you like it?

Love from Maureen xxx

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You've been busy Maureen, and looks like Andrew has been too!! :)).....wot? dragon? (see my pic of 'Clive'!) :) Perhaps I'll get Clive to send you a message! ;)

1 Sep, 2010


Its lovely Maureen. Now I know why you could not help me find a phone number.You need to watch that Andrew, sounds like he could be quite a slave driver if you ask me. Make sure he does the weeding.

1 Sep, 2010


Great blog Maureen... you have some lovely plant's in your garden.I liked the way you told us their names.

1 Sep, 2010


Hi Maureen
Your garden looks lovely. I really like the variety of leaf colour and the tone of the fence looks great against the light colours.
Best wishes

1 Sep, 2010


I certainly do like your garden, it is lovely and your English is excellent, keep up the good work Maureen, happy gardening :<)

1 Sep, 2010


Maureen, a marvellous blog for your first attempt, excellent English, you'll learn all the plant names soon and how to pronounce them ! Are you happy in Andrews garden, he's planted something right by your front and back left legs, you ok with that ? Tell him if you're not, he's always moving plants around in the garden. Will he cover you up when the Winter arrives ?

1 Sep, 2010


Good blog, very original and well thought out

1 Sep, 2010


very entertaining aureen and some lovely plants too.

1 Sep, 2010


Very well written Maureen, You have a smashing place to live and good company too.........

1 Sep, 2010


enjoyed your first blog Maureen :-)))

2 Sep, 2010


Don't know about the 'beers' - I think we're being panda'd to! lol.

4 Sep, 2010


A wonderful first blog Maureen, your turn of phrase gave me the giggles, and I think the new planting will give you great pleasure.

4 Sep, 2010


Great blog, have a great way with words and make the reading very amusing.

You've done well with all the varying shades of colour...your plants work well together...and the circular patio area looks nice too.

Hope you'll write another blog entry soon :)

6 Sep, 2010


so glad you have settled in maureen and made friends with the bears lol, garden looking good as always and especially the bit on the side comming on a treat ;o)))

7 Sep, 2010


Most amusing, and it looks fantastic Andrew, I love it.

8 Sep, 2010


You've got a lovely garden Maureen!

8 Sep, 2010


Maureen - this has given me a real giraffe (laugh). Excellent! :-D)

22 Oct, 2010

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