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The Case of the Disappearing Apples


By AndrewR


Well there’s been a glut of apples everywhere this year. First we had a hot April that encouraged all the pollinating insects out when the apple blossom was just waiting for them. And then it rained and rained and rained so the trees got all the moisture they needed to form loads of fruit and the June drop was minimal. So come September and October, my two old apple trees (which were here when I moved in 23 years ago) were loaded with fruit. Even allowing for the birds getting in first and the ones that rotted on the tree, I had so many I couldn’t give them away.

So I started putting them on the table on the patio, under hte shade of a pergola, thinking they’d stay there untli I could plough my way through them. Yesterday I was down to the last couple of dozen but this morning, I was surprised to find only six left. Surely the kids next door hadn’t been scrumping? And then I saw the culprit. The local neighbourhood squirrel. Down the lawn, round the pond, up the pergola, jump over to the chair and climb onto the table, teeth around the apple stalk, jump off the table and off over the fence into next door. Ten minutes later and he (or she) was back for another one and then another until they had all been carried off. Now, either word had got round or squirrels have senior moments because he/she came back twice more and looked most put out there were none left.

I know squirrels but can be destructive pests but it was such fun watching him/her scurrying off with the last of the apples and wondering if he/she would remember where they had been put by next month.

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You'll probably have lots of baby apple trees where you didn't expect them next year!

20 Nov, 2007


Squirrels!! Go & wash your mouth out now! They are currently making my life a misery! I have lived here for 20 years & up until 3 months ago I had never seen a squirrel in mine or my neighbours gardens. I have been aware of their presence since my neighbour & her cats moved away.
My intention is to kill them as soon as possible as they have been digging up bulbs, stealing the food I put out for the birds, digging up my lawn & they keep removing plants from pots & rumaging throught the soil. Possibly worst of all is their apparent enjoyment in running up & down on the roof when I am trying to sleep after a nightshift!!
Extermination is undoubtedly controversial but they are just vermin at the end of the day. My intention is to shoot them but so far I have had no luck, obviously not that great a shot! My friend, who is an excellent shot comes over periodically but the squirrels seem to know & stay out of sight!
This is war!

20 Nov, 2007


thats a bit mean Karenking, i have lots of pesty wildlife in my garden too but they have as much right to be here as we do! my neighbours have built a little room at the end of the garden for there teenagers to hang out - only problem is they regually have all there mates in and through a party till all hours, drunk, loud teenagers running up and down the garden till keeping us up all night - would love to shoot them but don't think that it is alowed! lol and Andrew i can imagine it was great fun to watch! well at least while they are amused with your apples they might leave your spring bulbs alone. i have had loads go missing, only problem is i'm not sure if it is the foxes, squirrels or hedgehog to blame! lol

21 Nov, 2007


I can hear the Mission Impossible theme now :)

22 Nov, 2007


lol yes peter me too, was'nt there an add not to long ago with a squirrel doing amazing things to that music? can't remeber what it was for but i do remeber the add.

22 Nov, 2007


It was the advert for a beer majeekahead. Don't know if I'm allowed to mention the name!!

22 Nov, 2007


Actually it was a lager and one that I'm rather fond of ;-)

22 Nov, 2007


oooh i think i know, - one of my fav's too!

23 Nov, 2007


We love to watch the squirrels, yes, they share the bird food, so what. They are fantastic little animals and we are proud to have them in the garden.
Now cats, well that another subject, leaving their filth every where, scaring away the birds, killing for the sake of it. Even the frogs are not safe. Leave the squirrels alone, they are lovely little creatures.

28 Nov, 2007

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