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A New Generation


By AndrewR


Those of you with long memories may recall a couple of helpers here in the garden at ‘Devonia’, named Barney and Bruno

Barney succumbed to rot four years ago and was replaced by Barney junior

But Barney junior was never really happy here with such an old bear to keep him company, so he went off to join a local Cub and Beaver pack who have a garden. Bruno was having problems with his arm last year and also kept falling over so has been retired.

A new Barney and Bruno have now arrived and are keen to say ‘hello’

Now getting them trained to look after plants is another entry on my list of ‘things to do’

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Love them.......great fun!!

19 Apr, 2018


congratulations on your new arrivals Andrew. the elders did you proud for a long time. lets hope your new bears will be a sound.

20 Apr, 2018


Sad when a cherished garden friend eventually has to go! We have a large wooden Komodo dragon who's foot has detached from age and is looking a bit worse for wear, perhaps a spruce up will give him a few more years.
Your new arrivals are fun and I am sure you will get them trained to chase off anything that will harm the plants.

20 Apr, 2018


Ha ha. Did you carve them Andrew ?

20 Apr, 2018


No Diane, I would be lethal with a chainsaw

20 Apr, 2018


Love the bears. Is there a website I could view, please?

20 Apr, 2018


They look great hope they are quick learners lol. A shop farm here use to carve animals bears big eagles all sorts I bought two mushrooms still got them .

20 Apr, 2018


Wonderful to see them in your garden Andrew ... hope they get along with Maureen too!

20 Apr, 2018


Eirlys - the original bears came from Derwent Bay Bears, but the firm was taken over by Cumbrian Carvings (who supplied 'young Barney') -
I was not so happy with him as the proportions were wrong.
The two new bears came from Thomas Carvings in Wales - I supplied a photo of the original bears, and they carved the new ones from that.

Shirley - Maureen is feeling quite smug now that she is not the newest helper

20 Apr, 2018


They are lovely Bears Andrew,I have one of those Bears,she is a lady bear and her name is Alice,birthday present from my daughter.

20 Apr, 2018


Aren't they great - hope they will be as happy with youas the others were!

20 Apr, 2018


I remember the oldies, they certainly served you well for a lot of years Andrew, I feel sure you'll soon have the new bears trained up...

20 Apr, 2018


Love them!

21 Apr, 2018


That made us laugh Andrew when you said Barney had succumbed to rot (Barnsley is our surname and my OH said `a bit like me then`.) They do look good in your garden and hope they last a long time.

22 Apr, 2018


They are so smart! I love them. We visited the local chain-saw place last week because OH needed a new chain. And the Man who runs it has several of his works outside the office. The newest one was of a bear and a wood-cutter on a see-saw and they had moving hands. I nearly took a picture, but thought nobody would be interested. I noticed above the door he had a Royal Warrant. So I couldn't help wondering whether the gardens at Balmoral are full of chain-saw art! lol!

24 Apr, 2018


Let them join the local Cub and Beaver Pack and promise them a 'Gardeners Badge' if they do a good job for you.

15 Jul, 2018

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