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By AndrewR


Chrysanthemums used to be thought of as flowers for the show bench – huge blooms on tender plants, held up by a scaffold of garden canes, often grown by men on allotments, and not seen in polite gardens. But now they having a revival as gardeners are discovering hardier ones with smaller flowers which fit into the average garden, and prolong the season well into October and even November. Here are the ones I am currently growing.

‘Ruby Mound’

I received this as a rooted cutting from a friend, and now wouldn’t be without it. It forms a fairly robust plant but benefits from the Chelsea chop in May. Nurseries give a height of two or three feet so there may be more than one form going the rounds. This starts flowering the first half of October for me.


This is a bit later, but in bloom by the second half of October. Definitely a three footer, forming a large clump in time.

‘Bronze Elegance’

A little later into flower than ‘Apollo’, this is a shorter plant at two feet, with smaller flowers. Probably needs to be grown away from those with bigger blooms to show it at its best

‘Slapanicka Vladenka’

New to me for this year, this is another three footer. This only seems to be available from Norwell Nursery (who stock a large number of hardy chrysanthemums) – perhaps the name puts people off.

‘Chelsea Physic Garden’

Although this originated in the garden on the same name, they have no records of it being raised there (Norwell reckon it might be the variety’ Romany’). This is the tallest one I grow at over three feet tall. It is also the last into flower, only just starting now, but will carry on until hard frosts stop it in its tracks.

With the exception of ‘Bronze Elegance’, these all need support as there is a lot of heavy top growth by the end of the summer which is easily knocked down by the wind and rain we normally get in September. But they are all hardy (I’ve had ‘Apollo’ since 2009), and Norwell mention which of their plants survived the bad winter of 2010.

Looking at the photos, I realise most of the chrysanthemums I grow have orange flowers. I think that gives me an excuse to get some more that aren’t orange for next year.

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You have some lovely chrysanths there Andrew, love the soft apricot type colours.
I have bought many plants over the years from Andrew Wards 'Norwell' . he is a regular speaker for our local HPS group and is excellent and always brings amazing plants for sale. He is well worth looking up and visiting when he is open to the public.

I wonder if the small one I have is Ruby Mound. looks very similar. The other one I have is a tall one called Brooke Farm, another red one.

8 Nov, 2020


Really nice Andrew and so welcome at this time of year.. I love Ruby Mound!

I remember those old chaps on the allotments with their chrysanthemums and dahlias- part of my childhood. There used to be two autumn shows in Sheffield, an early and a late. I used to really looked forward to them. They were held in the large drill hall, and as soon as you walked through the door the smell of those Chrysanthemums really hit you. A highlight of Autumn for me in those days!

8 Nov, 2020


I love the scent of them too. It's a shame the garage forecourts have done nothing for their image! Like Yorks they remind me so much of my infancy with my Nana. She grew lots of them, presumably from donated cuttings. These are an attractive group. Thanks for the info - I must try some next year.

8 Nov, 2020


I agree, the smaller ones do look better than the larger blousy larger ones, love the ruby coloured one, have some growing in a very difficult situation, under the dense dry shade of large cedar tree and have been there for nineteen years, I make sure they get enough water through the year and they are blooming really well, they are small one yellow the other pinkish/ purple I cut them hard back and they just keep coming back, not bad for a pack of six for 2.50 nearly twenty years ago.

8 Nov, 2020


I really like the earthy scent of chrysanthemums and I too remember enjoying the Autumn shows where they were on display in large numbers. I like the colours of yours and Bronze Elegance is a very pretty one. I definitely think you should add to your lovely collection ......and........I am off to buy a bunch!!!

9 Nov, 2020

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