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Snow Damage


By AndrewR


With ten inches of snow in the first week of the year and three more the week after, I was expecting to see some damage in the garden.

The sheer weight of all that white stuff caused problems for some of the evergreens, notably the coronilla, embothrium and variegated myrtle.




My magnolia grandiflora suffered even more damage, losing a complete limb.


This dwarf conifer, which should resemble a green football, looks to have sprung a puncture.


Meanwhile the cold may have put paid to a coprosma


The grevillea is not looking too happy


And this solanum, replacing a casualty last winter, may not survive either.


But the damage was a lot less than I feared. The banksia (to the left of the coronilla in the first picture) came through unscathed as did an alpine protea. Abutilon megapotanicum, although not too happy, still has flower buds waiting to open while the acca next to it appears unscathed.

Fingers crossed we don’t get another dose before the winter is up.

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I'll second that last sentence :-/

Such a shame about your casualties, have you thought what your next step will be ...... replace with new etc ?

My shrubs here look okay but i think the perennials will be lower in number when the spring gets them all going again (or not) - i think my casualties will be there :-(

18 Jan, 2010


Its awful 2 see your Plant Loss Andrew :( I dont know what iv lost myself yet as the Ground is still to wet to walk on 2 get a good look :(

18 Jan, 2010


Good to know, Andrew, that your plants have suffered less that you predicted.
I hope some of the casualties will surprise you, and bounce back :o)

18 Jan, 2010


one question is should replacements be really hardy, I live on hilly ground open to the north and east in consequence I tend to restrict myself to' bone hardy' plants and even an area that has some protection I'm very careful, is this winter a one off ore do you think we should expect more in future years?
looking around my garden most things seem ok but time willtell-- I even found a rather tattered primrose in flower under the magnolia!

18 Jan, 2010


I'll 3rd that aswell, not to bad here everything looks ok :(

18 Jan, 2010


lets hope we dont get any more............

18 Jan, 2010


sorry about the damage andrew, lets hope no more to come, their maybe some more in a week or so but not sure where, good luck

18 Jan, 2010


snow once or twice ayear is nice...but no ore thank you...;-))

18 Jan, 2010


My winter pansies are still okay and flowering, there are a lot of bulbs coming through,not to sure about my clematis everything else seems okay as far as I can see.

18 Jan, 2010


Who knows may have some room to plant that little Ginkgo as a replacement for one of the possible casualties...:0)

18 Jan, 2010


Sorry about your casualties! I put a large thick clear polythene bag over the coprosmia(~had bird seed in it)and touch wood it appears to be fine~ did you wrap or cover anything Andrew?~ the long range forecast is saying snow possible until April by which time we will all be suicidal!~climate change means more extreme weather so I think that means anything goes in terms of heat,cold,drought and flooding ~the answer may be to plan for the worst!~
~ we didn't have the depth of snow but we had some really cold temperatures,my proteas in the greenhouse seem to be okay thank goodness but have lost a couple of plants,hope it doesn't snow again, though.....

18 Jan, 2010


Sorry about your possible losses Andrew, but fingers crossed !!!
I think we have all been tempted by the intoduction of the more tender species and got away with it over the years. I don't seem to remember forty five year or so ago when I first started gardening, the garden centres having the range of plants we now have. I know for certain, any losses I find, I'm sure to be tempted again, especially on a lovely spring or summer day, when one looks and thinks, "oh dosen't that look lovely, I know just the right place".

18 Jan, 2010


TT - the embothrium and myrtle should be fine with a bit more support, not sure about the coronilla - it took quite a hammering. The magnolia suffered when it was only two years old and come through so that should be OK. The conifer is getting a bit long in the tooth and was probaly due for replacement in the autumn anyway. This it the third time I've tried the grevillea and each time we get a bad winter (ho hum). I'm having a serious think about whether to try the solanum again or go for something else.

BS - the ginkgo was planted out in the autumn (it's had a baptism of fire!)

18 Jan, 2010


Occasionally with gardening, changes are forced on us....
... might seem very disappointing at the time...
But if you have to support/replace/replant, it will make yet more interesting stories for you to tell the Yellow Book visitors. Sometimes, to hear about "failures" can make a garden seem more welcoming... fascinating to hear what didn't survive, and what shrubs you chose to use instead...
....I hope that makes sense ! :o)

18 Jan, 2010


Yes it makes sense TT. Some people take a plant dying as an insult - I take it as an opportunity (to get something else!)

18 Jan, 2010


sorry to see you have casualties, good that there wasn't as many as you had feared.
It's made me take a good look at my planting, and I'm now going to replace my losses with something much hardier, just in case.

19 Jan, 2010


Sorry to hear about your poor Magnolia Grandiflora losing a limb! I've had the same experience with my baby Olive tree. It's only 4 years old and has just spent it's first 6 months in the ground out of its pot and, after rescuing it from under 2 ft of snow, I found a little limb had snapped off! Once out from under all that flattening snow it rapidly picked itself up so hopefully it will recover with the arrival of warmer weather. Hope all your plants recover well. :o)

19 Jan, 2010


As you say, Andrew, more planting opportunities for you - and hopefully, another interesting blog for us!
Some things in life are bad,
They can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, give a whistle,
And this'll help things turn out for the best, and...
Always look on the bright side of life (whistle, whistle etc.)

19 Jan, 2010


Oh dear, Wagger - that isn't always easy, is it?

Andrew - I'm so sorry about your losses. I do hope you can minimise the damage to the shrubs, but that Coprosma is a goner, I'm afraid. And there was you advising me to keep them potted and not in the soil!

You are right, though - we have to stretch the boundaries, and then try again with a better solution if something just doesn't work. My Lophomyrtus 'Little Star' is a case in point - it looked a bit sorry for itself last week, and today it looks VERY poorly. I think it's a goner as well. :-((

19 Jan, 2010


Sorry to hear of the losses Andrew, I did wonder how your garden was doing, we have taken a battering this winter, luckily my Grevillea is still in a pot sheltering near the house, but like you the solanum looks on its way out again, nearly died last year!! the myrtle Glanleam Gold (when did they decide to call it a Luma?) looks to be ok, I know you can replace plants, but if they are boundary plants, which have taken many years to reach the desired size, you are then back to square one.!! I am frightened to look at the Corokia (forgot to fleece it)
There are only so many plants you can take indoors, we moved here to get away from the cold winters...........

19 Jan, 2010

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