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Carex pendula

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 0 photos

Genus: Carex.
Species: Carex pendula.

I only get an occasional seedling from this (it has a bad reputation for seeding) but I am growing it on dry cla...

Carex elata

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 0 photos

Genus: Carex.
Species: Carex elata.

Last year (2006) it seeded all over the place; this year hardly any seedlings


Cardiocrinum giganteum

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 7 photos

Genus: Cardiocrinum.
Species: Cardiocrinum giganteum.

As it takes about seven years to reach flowering size from seed, you've missed it for this year! But I migh...


Campanula trachelium

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 18 photos

Genus: Campanula.
Species: Campanula trachelium.

Useful campanula as it grows in dry soil in shade for me and flowers July/August. Self-sows (but never enough).


Campanula pyramidalis

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 1 photo

Genus: Campanula.
Species: Campanula pyramidalis.

I have both the white- and blue-flowered forms


Bupleurum fruticosum

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 16 photos

Genus: Bupleurum.
Species: Bupleurum fruticosum.


Banksia marginata

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 3 photos

Genus: Banksia.
Species: Banksia marginata.

In its first year, it carried one flower. This year (its second), it has put on lots of growth and will carry se...



Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 2 photos

Genus: Astelia.
Species: Astelia.


Abutilon megapotamicum

Added on 20 Sep, 2007 | 9 photos

Genus: Abutilon.
Species: Abutilon megapotamicum.

Trained over a south-facing trellis. It flowered all the way through last winter (2006/7)