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By Arlene


Since we had Henry I have never been so busy~ making sure he didn’t chew anything toxic,fall into the pool,jump off the wall or do anything else to hurt himself!As bad as having a toddler around….one that has sharp teeth…
However the garden has mostly gone on regardless of my lack of attention although I have watered as necessary..
here are some photos

and some of my fuchsias

and for those who remember early in the year I chopped 6 foot of growth off my Lapageria as it looked totally dead, only to find the remaining stalks full of bright green sap….
here are some pics of the regrowth!

I am hoping it will grow up and over the legs of the obelisk and thicken
will definitely be going under cover before the frosts.

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Lovely photos Arlene, do you know the name of the Agapanthus?

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks Annella~ not off hand ~had them for quite a while and split them a couple of years ago into two separate pots~ this is the first year they have flowered since~ I do like the very dark blue ones though this year my Black Pantha didn't flower~repot coming on that one.....

12 Aug, 2010


I love the dark ones too, yours have very big flower heads :-))

12 Aug, 2010


Lovely flowers Arlene...
Good idea to keep Henry away from certain plants !

Is the obelisk new ? From where ?
How high is it please ?
I have a tall obelisk but could use a second one which is a bit shorter ..

12 Aug, 2010


lovely blog arlene and everything looks great dispite being busy with henry, my agapanthus only have leaves this year for some reason ;o((

12 Aug, 2010


I bought the obelisk from ebay~ cost £17.99, Item number: 290461588777~ it's about 1.6 metres high~I like the little weathervane but where it is it won't get any wind!

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks. That sounds about the right height ...
I reckon I would prefer without the weathervane for where I want to stand my obelisk... I'll search around ... :o)

12 Aug, 2010


~ Also £17.50 from Amazon shop ~ Lime Marketing. ~you can leave the weathervane off if you don't want it~ I looked at obelisks from everywhere before getting this one and because it was to stand in a pot I didn't want anything looking as strong as the Forth bridge!~ this one suits where it is~

12 Aug, 2010


Yes ...
your obelisk looks pretty ... not too chunky :o)

12 Aug, 2010


great pics Arlene , all looks lush lovely colours :o)

12 Aug, 2010


~ thanks Sandra and Joanella ~we have had quite a lot of rain which is keeping everything green.

12 Aug, 2010


Lots of lovely colour there, Arlene, especially like the Lilies.

12 Aug, 2010


Beautiful blooms and pictures, lol about the the toddler with the sharp teeth.

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks Homebird Shirley and Sixpence! It is called Bridgeview Aloha~

12 Aug, 2010


You garden looks great.know what you mean about baby pets as my two little wonts are a handful at moment.

12 Aug, 2010


~they're a full time job at times Carol, but well worth it!

12 Aug, 2010


Lovely garden - lovely colours! Hope my new agapanthus - which actually turned out to be two plants in one pot; one blue and one white - are as healthy-looking as yours next year. :o)

13 Aug, 2010


lovely flowers, especially the aggie :-))

18 Aug, 2010


lovely pics Arlene. aggies are so lovely Grindle..:-)

8 Sep, 2010


You have such a pretty variety of flowers Arlene...lovely...

10 Sep, 2010

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