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A Trip to Hampton Court Flower Show 2009


By Arlene


Thursday the 9th
We arrived on foot as many others did…

Whilst others arrived in style by boat..

and although the weather threatened spirits were high!

At last inside !
a lovely display of alliums.

Some gorgeous piggies!

and a cute car on a sustainability show garden

and growing your own in bras and pants

and some ferocious dragons and birds!

and a family of giraffes.

Some beautiful wooden carvings.

and some bears for Andrew!

and then into the floral pavilion



Some of the show gardens.

and some fantastic roses

I could go on and show you more of the several hundred photos we took between 10.30 and 5.30 but suffice to say this is what I bought!

We then joined the happy band on their way home with their prize purchases.

by boat

by train

and so goodbye to Hampton Court until next year!

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lovlay picys, would lov to go ther. bet you could spend a small fortune. nice of you to make us feel part of it.

11 Jul, 2009


you look like u had a great time Arlene. i thin trollies were the fashion of the day..he he he

11 Jul, 2009


Went last year absoloutely fantastic.
smashing photos.

How much did you spend then?

11 Jul, 2009


Great blog. I was lucky enough to go several years ago and would love to go again. In the meantime I am glad you posted such lovely photos - really captured the atmosphere of the event. Thank you.

11 Jul, 2009


We saw Andrew's bears too :o)

I think those foldable shopping trolley must be the most sold item there! I saw someone with a trolley to carry their other trolleys :o)

11 Jul, 2009


can i see trollies with trugs on too???

11 Jul, 2009


What fun! I'd love to go...but Shepton Mallett is so much nearer, and not so crowded, so I think I'll stick to that.

Thanks for showing us the show...hehe - awful pun!.

11 Jul, 2009


~we took our trolley as we bought some two years ago and they are very handy~I think the trugs probably have sturdier wheels.We went to check out the mini glass greenhouses we saw at Malvern but they weren't there~guess we will be going to Malvern in September!

11 Jul, 2009


Now that Andrew has his 'bit on the side' piece of land, he has room for lots more bears. Lol...
and maybe even that wooden version of Shaun the Sheep...

Arlene, this is a brilliant blog. I gleaned a much better idea of the flavour and content of the Hampton Court show from your photos and descriptions than from the Gardeners' World programmes.

I vote that Arlene should have input into Gardeners' World shows next year. :o)

11 Jul, 2009


Peter i got one of those plastic shopping trolly's from gardeners world show afew years ago,find if i dont take it to flower shows dont spend as much, and just treat myself to one plant per garden show.

11 Jul, 2009


Great blog and pictures Arlene, certainly gave us a good idea of what we missed. We went to the first ever show there, wonderfully relaxed and uncrowded and a beautifully sunny day. So relaxed in fact that after looking at everything we laid on some grass and fell asleep! Couldn't do that now, you'd get trampled on - I guess there must have been less to see then. Went for several more years after that but none as good as the first before it got discovered by the crowds. Still much better than Chelsea because you can buy plants!!!

11 Jul, 2009


Lovely blog Arlene. Really glad you enjoyed your day. I won't be going this year as it's the Kent shows turn and I will be there next week.

11 Jul, 2009


Would love to go (sigh) thanks Arlene for sharing your day,beautiful photography..........

11 Jul, 2009


Thanks for sharing the trip Arlene ! What did you buy and were they expensive ? !

11 Jul, 2009


Lovely,lovely photographs, glad you enjoyed your day.

Clarice, that's no fun at all. The first time I went to Gardener's World Live I had to fold down the back seats of the car to get all the plants in - it was absolute chaos on the buses from the show to the car parks, everybody laughing and looking at each others' plants.

11 Jul, 2009


Toto, please tell me which Kent show is on next week? I know there is the Kent Garden Show in September but I don't know of another!

11 Jul, 2009


I was very circumspect this time~we only bought a small papyrus and pale pink loosestrife~both water plants,some fuchsias and two Rhodohypoxis,one a pretty double ,some Allium bulbs a small Ginko tree and a heavy metal niger seed feeder from Haith's.
I am looking for a small glass greenhouse to replace one of my plastic ones which has rust on the metal bits and has totally collapsed~even the cover has more holes in it than a ton of polos!
Hope to see what I want at Malvern in September.

11 Jul, 2009


Wagger when we went to Gardeners World
a few years ago we had to buy one of those canvas wheel barrows to bring everything to the car!

11 Jul, 2009


Gee, below is the link which will get you to the details of the Kent Show. I've been before and found it to be a great day out.

12 Jul, 2009


Bet it's come in handy since, Arlene, lol.

12 Jul, 2009


Very restrained Clarice, unless you mean you deliberately take it to splash out? :o)

12 Jul, 2009


Wow..Arlene what a great day you had..looks like lots of fun!..Good for you!

12 Jul, 2009


Thanks for showing us your pics Arlene they were great, and I love the postbox/waterfountain.

13 Jul, 2009


~It's a great day out~I prefer it to Chelsea .There are lots of people there but it is a big place with lots to see!
thanks everyone for the kind comments!

13 Jul, 2009


Thank You so much, Arlene, for showing these fantastic pics to those of us who couldn't get. I really like all those "chocolate" coloured animal ornaments. :-)

15 Jul, 2009

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