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How do you pick up slugs and snails ?


By Carolyn


On the tail end of the recent blog on slugs and snails I just in the garden and thought of a fun question how do you pick up your slugs and snails ? I just used a big shovel, tricky blighters, one slug tonight was determined not to let go of it and go in the compost, he was big around 4 inches and an inch thick! Spect some of you brave onesjust use your hands or garden gloves ? lol

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i dont mind picking snails up by hand but slugs i scoop up in empty plant pots lol

10 Aug, 2008


Dont pick them up Carolyn
Throw some household salt on them and watch them explode :) its much more fun :O)

10 Aug, 2008


Carolyn, The absolute easiest way is to skewer them with one of those short thin green canes you can buy in packs, just like making a kebab, then you can slide them off useing another implement into a bucket of salt water, you can dispose of dozens at a time with this method.

10 Aug, 2008


That was a Megaslug Carolyn..... ooh it sounds revolting!

10 Aug, 2008


I slice them in half with a trowel and leave them for the hedgehogs.

10 Aug, 2008


I cant touch them,eeeeee, but the granchildren love collecting in a bucket,

10 Aug, 2008


pick them up then use a catapult to launch them to ireland i heard they love them over there lol

10 Aug, 2008


I just pick them up and throw them into my recycling bin Nice one Lyd might just start doing that lol

10 Aug, 2008


Snails are easy - by the shell, by hand, but slugs get picked up on the tip of my trowel with me going 'yeuch' and then they all go for a brief fly through the air and a splash! as they swim away down the stream.

11 Aug, 2008


Lyd , im starting to get paranoid now lol

11 Aug, 2008


I pick them up on my trowel & throw them as far as i can, if they are in the front garden i throw them into the middle of the road.

11 Aug, 2008


I've heard slugs are territorial, so will try to return to their patch. (Anyone know more about this?). So I scoop them (wee plastic plant label to keep the irremoveable slime off my fingers!) into an old marg tub, and take them a couple of miles away and over the river before releasing them into the wild - a long way from any other gardens! Seems to work as well as anything.

11 Aug, 2008


I usually pick them up by hand and then run my fingers through some sandy soil, but if there are a lot I wear a glove. but if pellets have been used you need to be really careful. They are poisonous the poor old Slugs and Snails are harmless to humans

11 Aug, 2008


ah that made me smile reading through them brilliant. :) I like the kebab one you meany Bluespurce lol. I could just pictured you all doing these.

12 Aug, 2008


I normally ask politely for them to leave my garden. If they refuse, i will wrestle them to the ground and then use Escargo-Fu, to throw or kick them into complience. If anyone is interested I do hold classes for this most ancient of martial arts.

18 Aug, 2008


Yes please! I'd love to be in your next group! By the way, last year I picked out 24 snails from an Agapanthus plant, put them in my (empty) trug about 8' away and went off to get something. When I came back, they had all gone from the trug. I looked at the Agapanthus again - and there they all were! Does that show intelligence or the opposite?

18 Aug, 2008


chopsticks-I like a challenge!

18 Aug, 2008


Spritzhenry - Apparently Snails are supposed to have a homing instinct just as powerful as that of a pigeon, but it doesn't work over long distances. Grab a snail from under a rock etc, move it about 2-3 feet away, put a spot on the shell with a marker pen and it will head back to it's home and crawl back under the rock.

I know it doesn't work over long distances because a snail once had the nerve to munch on a hosta in our garden. I grabbed him, put him in a box and drove to Cornwall (I live just outside Stratford Upon Avon). I released him there and have never seen him since. Humans 1 - Snails 0

19 Aug, 2008


I often use the famous Jedi mind trick:

''Snail move along - these are not the plants you are looking for''

Works a treat for me :0)

19 Aug, 2008


I didn't realise there were so many sick, cruel gardeners out there. Don't know if any of the tips has helped me get rid of the slugs but they have given me a good laugh.

18 May, 2009


I pick them up on a trowel and throw them over in the next door neighbours garden..when he´s not looking of course....and I suppose he does the same...throws them over in my garden...when I´m not there !.

24 Oct, 2010


Awe, these comments are so sad! Don't kill the poor things! Pick them up gently and either take them somewhere else, or keep them as pets! They are super fun pets even for children! Why can't people handle them? They're not gonna bite haha!

20 Dec, 2014

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