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Warming ground and killing weeds


By Carolyn


Made some progress in the garden in February and feeling good….

Filled up the two plots -
Filled one plot with organic compost.
The other with upturned turfs and soil from dump bit at back of the garden. I wonder which will grow the best!

Got a black cover thing which I hope will prevent weeds growing and warm the ground a bit before I dig it over. Looking forward to starting to sow veg seeds in march after my holiday in Cornwall.

Finally got round to thinning out some freesias that i have had for years and they havnt done anything just sat in a pot and gone green and then dissapeared again, coz to close together. They seem to be making progress already, there were so many I have them dotted round pots and in the garden beds now. It will be interesting to see how they grown now they have some space to grow in.

Also read up on peonies and re potted mine, made it not so deep and hopefully it will flower this year ( I have had it for nearly two years now) put some pansies around it for colour whilst I await it to grow and blossom.

Whilst pottering around and pulling out last years dead tomato plants, found a loan snow drop, aah, lovely.

Spread out a pot full of primroses and foxgloves that had seeded themselves so am hoping for a good show of them this year, was quite good last year but I love foxgloves and hollyhocks and all those tall old fashioned flowers.

Right off to read up on sowing my various vegetable seeds. Discovered the to do list thing on this site, which is a great idea/reminder.

Next project will be putting up my bench I got for my birthday last year and put it by the pond area and sorting that bit of garden out, a gardeners work is never done….

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