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An American in Wales :o)


I have been on GOY for over 2 years now and have been here in North Wales for a time enjoying the seasons..Autumn was particularly lovely.

This was taken in the early morning sunlight streaming through the larch tree here at Tyn Y Coed.

I have been having so much fun making up suet balls and all manner of meals for a thriving bird community here of Blue tits, Great tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, nut hatches, Downy woodpeckers, chaffinches,robins, song thrushes blackbirds, and others that I have not figured out who they are…oh and the squirrel that comes in with the crows and magpies …
But have no really good pictures to show of them so I will let you use your imagination.. :o)
Winter came early, right on my American Thanksgiving day..Sweet to wake up to a lovely day as we had on Nov. 25th…I made Thanksgiving dinner for Steve and I. It is fun getting to share holidays and it was a first for Mr. Bear of the North Welsh…I made Turkey and Stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cranberries, fruit salad and loads of turkey gravy…we also had pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Steve has decided Thanksgiving is ok…lol
I believe since the 25th there has not been a day without snow…We have been enjoying daily walks in it…taking Marley with us…He likes very long walks or should I say runs…! He is Grand daughter Laurens dog, but was not doing well staying in town so he has come to be with us and is giving us lots to do…!

I like to call him Bob…for Bob Marley…but has also been called Seal for the song Crazy….

This is home…at the top of a very steep road that has been called a NASA launch pad more than once because of the way it feels when driving a car up it.. :o)

Now that things are settling in for the winter…I hope to find more time to share news with you of the garden and how it is getting ready for Spring…right now the greenhouse is full of the most fragile plants and some have been covered with fleece…so far they are looking alive and well still…I dug up some dahliah tubers and have big Oriental poppies potted up that I got in the mail ready for spring to come..I have plans for starting seedlings in late January, and lots of plans for watching all the daffodills, tulips, hyacinths, crocuses and snow drops to pop up…not to mention the wild poppies I have scattered this winter….
We trimmed multitudes of trees and weeded out loads of Ladies mantle that had taken over the terrace garden..I have concluded that if you did not want to run your garden yourself that Ladies Mantle and Blackberry Brambles will do it for you with out a single issue…we uncovered so many poor plants that they had covered up. I have loads of grasses to trim in the spring as well as the trimming of heather and shrubs to manage…but I do love the trimming and the weeding and planting..and have made maps of where everything is…to help us this spring..
We have been asked if we would like to open the garden up for some local elderly gardeners to come see…and perhaps we will consider opening it up for a local charity as well…lol…and …maybe NOT!

Lots to consider….!

Best to all…and Blessings :o)

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Hi Cat... I'm glad you are enjoying Wales so much...
lovely photos...

... seems like you are getting very involved with the ways of British gardening !

It would be lovely if you could open the gardens for charity...

Keep warm and well... xxx

4 Dec, 2010


LOL Cat, I like the NASA launch pad bit. I too have ideas about starting to sow seeds early, but if this weather keeps up Its going to have to wait because the cost would be prohibited. Hope you get to open the garden up for charity, well done you. :o)))

4 Dec, 2010


Hi Cat i'm pleased you enjoying Wales aswell.

4 Dec, 2010


Hello Cat. So glad to see you back. I was thinking of you on the US Thanksgiving and wondering how you were doing.
It sounds like you are enjoying North Wales a lot. It will be wonderful to experience the garden in sping with all the new shoots popping up.
Have fun and give a hug to Sir Turnip for me.
Hugs ~ Gilli

4 Dec, 2010


Thanks all...I am happy to be here for sure, getting to be with GF is the best part! Yes Gilli I have given Sir Turnip your hug...thank you! I enjoyed that my self!

4 Dec, 2010


Lovely to hear from you Cat, it seems you are liking your new abode. Springtime is obviously sorted in your mind,it will be nice to see all your plans come to fruition.......
Marley looks a cute fellow, my son has a female very similar and she is very speedy, bet he keeps you on your toes,lol......

4 Dec, 2010


hey Cat nice to catch up with sound very content with life....:-)
you are in a lovely place..Marley must be delighted to be living there with you...

4 Dec, 2010


Nice to hear from you, wondered when you were packing how you would adapt it must be a world apart from where you were living. enjoy

4 Dec, 2010


A great report, Cat, and pleased that you both are enjoying life there. The garden sounds wonderful, with so much to look forward to in Spring. :-)

5 Dec, 2010


Hi Cat - lovely to hear from you. How long will you be over in Wales?

5 Dec, 2010


lol..Hi Barbara....One day at a time is a our motto... :o)

5 Dec, 2010


And why not, Cat! Good for you. :-)))

5 Dec, 2010


Nadolig LLawen Avis :o) I have a cd and a have a very short Welsh vocabulary. With this long winter..I am hoping to learn a bit more!!! Happy New Year to you too..! Blessings...
P.S..We managed to get to Bodnant before the fall color was totally gone..was so lovely!

6 Dec, 2010


Hi Cat, I have been down in Somerset for a very busy 3 months and am playing catch up. Glad to hear the move has been so successful. You sound as if you are getting ready to do a complete spring clean of the garden. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you and GF.

10 Jan, 2011


Hi Cat, It's so grand that your back in Wales. Are you ready for spring. Will you every come back to America to live?

7 Apr, 2011


Hi Anterless....GF and I are in the USA right now, visiting..he will return soon and I will come back again in early Sept. we are having such a nice time touring the area's in Washington state..considering a short side trip to Canada before GF returns...I am homesick for Wales ..will be so glad to get back to my new home again!!!

7 Apr, 2011


How I missed this Cat I'll never know! So pleased to see you are now in Wales with GF........Hope you have enjoyed a good year, best wishes to you both for the future, love Janey X

28 Oct, 2011


Thank You Janey ...yes I am back home in Wales..with my Dear Heart, Sir Bear, GF.. loving every moment of it too.. :o)

~Cat xx

29 Oct, 2011


Glad you are enjoying living in Wales with GF :o))) xxx

29 Oct, 2011


:o) thanks TT xx

29 Oct, 2011

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