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Computer problems!!!!!


I’m feeling quite sad because I have not been able to upload any garden photo’s for over a week now.
We had two computers die within a few days of each other, a laptop and a desk top. In both cases the “mother boards” had fried. We were amazed to be left computerless at home so suddenly.
Thankfully a friend bought us a mini computer from UK that we plan to take with us when we travel. With this I can get on line and look at all your pics, so that is the good news.
Today my husband is taking delivery of a new full size laptop, so once it is set up I should be able to start uploading again.
We are hoping that we can retrieve all our photo’s and other work from the old hard drives, but all this will take time.
Computers are a blessing but when they go wrong they are a frustration too. They are wonderful for communication and I’m sure none of us want to go back to the old days, but my-oh-my sometimes they cause an awful lot of bother.
Oh well GOYers you will have to make do with my old pics until we get organised, but be sure I will be posting more of our beautiful bit of Hungary as soon as I can.

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I also fully sympathise, Chris! I was recently without 'net access for nearly 3 weeks. Look forward to seeing more pics from you soon. Best Wishes!

16 Jul, 2008


aw chris thats awful, 2 computers breaking down at the same time. i would be lost without my laptop, i dread the day it all goes horribly wrong, think then ill just pinch my daughters one lol

16 Jul, 2008


You poor, poor thing! What a dreadful nightmare for you, Chris! I really hope you can retrieve all your precious photos. Nice that you can still talk to us, though!

16 Jul, 2008


Hi Chris, I don't know much about computers but I remember when I was without mine for a weekend, and how annoyed it made me feel. I hope it's all sorted out for you soon and you can load more photos. I love looking at your garden.

16 Jul, 2008


I have my own laptop its only the main one upstairs that normally goes wrong which did the other week and my daughters and hubby were using mine,so frustrating when i wanted to use it i was like have you finished yet? LOL.

16 Jul, 2008


Thanks for your kind commiserations everyone. The good news is that we now have the new laptop, and once Roger has had time to set it up, install programmes etc, we should be in business. The desktop is repairable but will probably be a couple of weeks before it is home, which was cheaper than a new one.

17 Jul, 2008

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