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A garden party for Romanian guests in an English garden in Hungary.


The day had arrived for our garden party. The guests were to be a group of 41 Romanians who were on holiday at our mission base, in the village of Orbottyan near Budapest.
We spent the afternoon preparing the garden, putting chairs and tables out. making sure the drinks and melon were well chilled etc. It was a jolly hot day and rushing around was not a good thing to do. Soon all was ready with the help of other members of our team.
The chairs were placed in groups around the garden.

The tables were prepared. You can just see one table as I peek through the grasses.

The garden waites in silence. Little does it know that in a few minutes a large number of people including 17 children will be tramping all over it.
.At last the guesta are here. Some sit down in the shade and wait patiently for the food to be ready.

The children liked the pond. It was fun to throw things in. Mum was taking care.

Some wander around and stop for a chat under the arch.

Some are taking their own photos and exploring.

This genaration were looking at plants. The conifer bed was interesting.

One happy Romanian family. It says it all.

The food is ready. Here’s the pizza. We will follow this with cold melon and cookies.

Happily queueing up for pizza.

Now we can all sit and eat. Everyone is having a great time.

After the food some decide to have a sing along.

Many other things were going on. Some were sitting around in groups while the children found enough energy to rush around playing games.
Do we have a youg drummer in the making?
Sadly all good things come to an end. It was time to sing the last song and say goodbye.
The party was a great success. It was an interesting cultural mix. We had Romanians, Hungarians, British and American present. There was an interesting moment when I was asked if I was going to make sunflower oil from the sunflower seeds!!! I guess the idea had never entered my head.
We were so happy to share our garden with them, and look forward to seeing many of them again when we visit Romania.

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Your garden is beautiful...I hope they were suitably impressed!

8 Aug, 2008


Looked like a great day. Nice to see you still have some sunflowers blooming away.

8 Aug, 2008


I am really glad it went so well, Chris! You and your friends worked so hard and it's obvious that your visitors had a great time. Well done - I bet you're exhausted now!

8 Aug, 2008


you deserve a well earned rest after all that Chris, looks like everyone had a brilliant time.

8 Aug, 2008


Well done Chris.

9 Aug, 2008


A very succesful garden party-you can see the satisfied smiles on their faces-the pizza looked like home, melon and cookies too. Thanks Chris for sharing your garden and giving of yourself to this ministry. You loved it...but no pix of you enjoying your guests. Too bad!!
I feel like I was there, just by the pix. Very good!

9 Aug, 2008


Thank you Chris I feel like I was there! I wish I could have heard the music!
The setting is just beautiful!

9 Aug, 2008


Good to know you all enjoyed the garden party. Sorry you could only join us in spirit and not in body. No I didn't get in the pics Grace because I was the one with the camera. Did you notice that my hubby Roger was in there, in the blue T shirt with the guitar? You know what I look like anyway. It really did give us great pleasure to see so many enjoying the garden. It felt like a big family.

9 Aug, 2008

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