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I'm home in one piece


Quite a few GOY members sent me their love and best wishes when they heard that I was due tp go into hospital this week.
The good news is that I am home and feeling OK, just a bit wobbly still.
The Endoscopy was not a very pleasant experience, but the good news is that No serious condition was found, in fact all the bits of me that they looked at were normal.
The doctors will continue to monitor my liver, and I need to keep taking medication, but many of the possible reasons for the problems have now been crossed off the list.
Hope this isn’t too medical, but folk were asking so I thought I had better let you all know.
The nice thing about GOY is that it is full of people who care, and we all happen to share gardening as one of the big interests in our lives.


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Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but we had'nt realised that you were about to go into hospital. We are so pleased that it's a positive outcome for you. Take it easy and hope you will soon feel more comfortable.

14 Aug, 2008


brilliant news chrispooks, take it easy :-)

14 Aug, 2008


Very pleased to hear the news is good, Chris.
Hope you will be feeling better soon, meanwhile take care and be gentle on yourself.

14 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris. I'm glad to hear you're allright. So what if you've got to take medication, at least you know there's nothing serious wrong. Your garden and loging on to GOY are good medication aswell.

14 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris quite a procedure so glad to hear that no serious condition was found.Friend had one and used a drug called hypnovane - allows you to remain concious but fully co-operative and cannot recall experience of investigation.What marvellous stuff could you imagine the fun if this fell into wrong hands! Think the Somerset 'Mafia' would be panicking! Best wishes to you.

14 Aug, 2008


Glad to hear you are O.K. Hope you will be feeling better soon.. Lots of love. Sadie

14 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris i,m really pleased for you ,what a weight of your mind , Take it easy ,rest up for a while ,the garden can wait a bit longer

14 Aug, 2008


Great News Chris, Now you can concntrate on your garden...Love Dee..

14 Aug, 2008


I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment from you on one of my pics... and thought to myself that you must be taking some time off (vacation) ~ didn't hear that you were going into hospital... Glad that your news was good. As mentioned ... goY is good therapy... you can enjoy the garden and not get too tempted to do a little weeding or get too physical when you should be resting!!! Glad you're back!

14 Aug, 2008


welcome back glad to hear that you are doing ok

14 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris! What good news! I am so pleased for you. take it steady until you feel OK again, won't you! Love and hugs.XX

14 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris so pleased your o k take it easy like everyone says the garden can wait abit, nice to have you back.

15 Aug, 2008


Thanks everyone for all you love and care. It's wonderful that this site and it members are so supportive in so many ways.

16 Aug, 2008


excellent news chris, sorry im a bit late sending you this message .

17 Aug, 2008

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