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A camera for my birthday?????


I have a birthday coming up in October.
My dearest wish is that my hubby buys me a camera that is the best we can manage on our limited budget for taking garden and flower pics. At the moment I borrow my hubbies camera.
We will be in UK at the time of my birthday so can shop there. Does anyone have any advice about what to go for that doesn’t cost the earth.
I see some of your photo’s that are really clear especially on close up. I also need a camera that is easy to use, since some shots need to be taken quickly such as butterflies
I’m watching a large dragonfly skim across our pond and wondering how I can possibly catch him in one of his hovering moments.
All advice and ideas welcome.

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Hi Chris, I had the same problem I was using an older one that was my husbands ,I had not really been that interested before Goy , but then I began to take notice and asked Jacque for advice , So I now have one like Jacque , It,s a Fuji finepix j50 , it,s new to me this last week so i,m still trying to understand it and practicing plus deleting most of the time .
I don,t think for one moment that my pics .will ever be up to Jacque,s standed , but at least I won,t be able to blame the camera... lol
They sell them in Tesco , Jacque is much better to give you any technical details .. or Irish
My husband bought it for me as an early xmas present
Cost about £99 .......Good luck

28 Aug, 2008


AAAAAAAAaaawwwwwwww im Blushing Now Amy lol :D XXX

28 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris..Enjoy your stay in UK. I hope you are visiting Sussex..I will make sure the weather stays fine for you..Such a lovely time of year to see the Autumn changes.I use a Konica-KD30 camera..its really basic but works for me...Happy birthday for October.

28 Aug, 2008


But On serious side Chris im no expert in Photos only Know what iv learnt myself & have been told by the Man in Comets :) Their great for Advice&helping u decided whats best 4 u :) Thats what idid &im well pleased with my new little Gem,Its Compact& has many Features 2help with Close ups,Movement & Improving the Pic once its been loaded on2its software ,It really is Hard 2 choose the rite Camera as every1 learns @different spends & some find the Understanding of them harder than others ! I started out with a Cheap Digi 3pix only costs£20 2buy now that size pix! My last 1 was a 7pix that i got myself :) &that was a Kodak "Their very User Friendly" Keep that in mind Chris :) Let me know how u get on :)

28 Aug, 2008


There are so many camera's to choose from these days, when I was looking for mine I had some features that I wanted and focused on that. Some of the digi cameras only have the LCD screen for viewing, and had heard from people using this type that sometimes in bright light its hard to see the screen, so I looked for one that had both the LCD and a viewer, also some digi's have quite a pause between pressing the button to take a pic and when it actually finishes, so I looked for one that has a quick response. The icons on the camera that I use the most are the "flower" - macro setting (closeups) and the action icon - with this one I can hold the button down and it will shoot a frame every 2 seconds -great for catching the action. The other thing that I wanted was a rechargable battery - digi's use a lot of power..Finally ended up with a Nikon and am very pleased with it...Happy Camera Hunting :)

28 Aug, 2008


The sun shade is a neat idea, have not seen that yet :) Its true that Nikon is a bit dearer..have heard that they put out the Nikon Coolpix but not sure of the price point..My brother uses a little point and shoot that he bought for a song at a garage sale and has taken fantastic are so right Marguerite..the picture is only as good as the operator! lol!...have deleted more than I have saved..

28 Aug, 2008


hiya chrispooks, before i got my camera i googled digital cameras and read revues and what all the buttons are for. people who bought cameras wrote about them so you can see what they thought and used them for.
enjoy your stay and good luck camera shopping :-)

28 Aug, 2008


Hi Chris well choice is limitless and as prices drop possible to purchase cameras that cost £200 last year for nearer a £100 . You mention dragonflies in flight and this the preserve of top cameras to capture at speed close up - but for day to day pics a budget camera from a recognised make should serve you well.

Do you really need 10x zoom as impossible to hold by hand at this range as camera magnifies any movement and need tripod.

The camera Lorraine mentions now under a hundred pounds and brilliant make with great lenses.Coolpix only has 3x zoom but my little Canon only this and 3megapixels which very small by todays standards.

Do be aware that fantastic offers with bags tripods extra kit not always a bargain as why they need to add all this if camera was selling? Think the extras they put on cars when having trouble selling.Good luck and hope you bring the sun with you.

28 Aug, 2008


It's only 18th October and I've got my new camera 10 days before my birthday. I can put this down to the economioc climate. The hungarian forint has slipped badly against the pound for the last week and suddenly it is cheaper to buy the camera in Hungary rather than UK. So I've got a Fuji Finepix S5800 for approx 97GBP. I've been practicing and will post a few of my practice shots.

18 Oct, 2008


Good on you Chris the ones you took on old camera very good - so what can we expect on the new one? Looking forward to it.Happy birthday in advance.

18 Oct, 2008


Fuji is an excellent make, I'm on my third Fuji (S9600), and my family all have Fujis too. I think you'll be happy with your choice :)

31 Oct, 2008

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