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Developments in my garden


March 6th 2008.
Today I started another project in the lower garden. I started to dig out a bed for conifers of all types and sizes. I moved a large columnar blue Thuja from terrace and this is planted at one corner of the new bed. The idea is that as we walk through rose arch from the upper garden towards “glade area”, the conifer bed will come into view. I plan to improve soil with conifer soil. Auchan are advertising Thujafold at good price. Then I will collect as many different conifers as I can find. I will cover with bark. Not sure about edging. It might look nice to have a hillock or rockery behind it.
I also planted 3 small green Thujas at lower end of pond to continue the look of surrounding the pond area with trees/shrubs/bamboo etc..
No photo’s yet.

On March 7th I finished digging over the area for the proposed conifer bed. (See pics). Now I need to do something to make the sandy soil more suitable for conifers.

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Looking forward to the photos, Chrispook.
At my last home I made a conifer bed at the road end of the drive using a variety of dwarf conifers interplanted with bulbs. It was attractive all year round, even in the winter, but was at its best in the spring. Not long after we moved the new residents removed the bed, if I had known they were going to do that I would have asked to take the conifers with me!

6 Mar, 2008


You really must have been upset! In our village, a real Plantsman has made a spinney - he's lucky enough to have several acres - he showed me round and it's wonderful both on the ground and above our heads, with bulbs, Hellebores and beautiful species of trees. He told me about a neighbour who had spent years making a similar spinney and then when he had to sell up (due to his age) the first thing the new people did was to raze the lot to the ground! How about that for vandalism and insensitivity to the work of years!

6 Mar, 2008


Cant wait2see the pics Chris:) Sounds Great

6 Mar, 2008


Vandalism and insensitivity for sure. It is for that reason that I have never driven by my previous home. My garden wasn't as large as the one I have now but I did put a lot of work into it. I understand that it's not as it was. Looking forward to seeing your photos Chrispook.

7 Mar, 2008


I've added photos to the blog about developments in my garden.

7 Mar, 2008


One thing I've discovered (the hard way) about conifers is they never show signs of distress during times of drought. Many plants will droop or drop their leaves but conifers are green one day and brown the next - by then it's too late. Just a warning to make sure they don't get too thirsty

7 Mar, 2008

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