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New conifer bed


I have planted a number of conifers in the new bed and it is beginning to take shape. Some were well labeled and some not. I have included pics of named ones in my garden. They are mostly conical or spiky shapes. Now I need to look for some which grow in round or mound like shapes.
The bed still looks a bit raw at the moment. I know it will look better when I get round to putting bark on the top.

Bed from another angle!

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14 Mar, 2008


Yes, the negatives can be attributed to certain garden writers/designers/TV presenters, who are poorly informed and know very little about the plants, and the best ways they can be used in many garden landscapes.

14 Mar, 2008


Looks like a great start to an eye catching bed. Eventually it should be beautiful with all it's shapes, colors and textures. It will be very interesting viewed from any location in your garden. Best of luck with it.

16 Mar, 2008


I think designers are beginning to come around slowly and are using conifers as the backbone of a design incorporating grasses and other perennial planting in the plot which was never done with conifers in the past. Conifers were seen as a 1970's garden design and have had much malignment since because of it, also the dread of the Leylandii cypress didn't help, but slowly with the more availability and range of different coniferous species that are available they are making a comeback. I will definItely be using some conifers in my new garden interplanted with other things like grasses to provide added interest.

16 Mar, 2008


I agree Andrea. I've already got conifers and grasses plus other flowering plants in various spots in my garden, and I have been very pleased with the effect. Having lived abroad for over 12 years I have not been aware of fashion amongst gardeners, and I tend to plant whatever I fancy, combined with availability of course.

16 Mar, 2008

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