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Sunshine and pruning


Well, the “Indian Summer” is here (at least for the next few days) and the sun is wonderfully warm.

I spent today in a very satisfactory way – firstly I attended a MacMillan coffee morning, run by one of my bestest friends – Fran – and attended by loads of my fav people. We also did a book exchange to help boost the funds and raised over £130 . All in such a good cause – not forgetting the reason for attending, one of the Mums from school told us that her neighbour died of breast cancer recently – had a 3 year old daughter. We all ended up in tears and I can’t help thinking how lucky I am – my Mum had the dreaded Breast Cancer (BC) when she was 52 – and then 16 years later – but she is still with us, and many other friends – much younger and with small kids- who have thankfully survived.

After the coffee (and far too much cake) went on to do 2 hours gardening in a teeny garden which was over-stuffed and needed severe pruning. All in sweltering sun and much dust and insects dropping on my head and down my back…I will be returning there with some lovely bulbs and come new plants to replace the ENORMOUS penstemon “Garnet” (yes, second one this week to have been condemned) . Shame that they get so brown and sprawly – really ought to be cut back regularly to avoid that problem but most of my clients don’t call me in often enough for that to happen at the right time..

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