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Hi Everyone
First of all may I say what a lovely site. I have been a keen gardener for many years although nowhere near an expert. Having had couple of sucesses in the local competitions I must be doing something right. Winner year 2000, Silver 2006. To me I ask myself what is gardening all about ?, my answer an enjoyment, taking chances now and again and getting out there and putting your thoughts into practice. If it goes wrong then change it, if it goes right then you have a success to be proud of. I have a small garden and limited in a way to how I can design it. I have always dreamed of one I could do a landscape on, perhaps one day it will happen you never know. Each area of the small garden is a separate area in itself, I will have to remember to dig out some other photographs of some of the small features that we use, also the use of mirrors to give the impression of a larger garden. I hope you enjoy the photographs I have entered to date and hopefully we may get to know each other a little more in time.

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  • Using Post, Gosport in Bloom 2006
  • Planting Upwards In Small Gardens 2006
  • Hanging Bskets 2006 Gosport in Bloom
  • Gosport in Bloom Best Pond 2006 Silver Award

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