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Heat Wave!


Wow! Not your typical 1st part of June in Ohio! It’s 90 and humid, a lot like August! Yuck.
It’s been storming and raining for several days, but today we finally saw sunshine – but this heat and I are not friends. So the poor garden won’t be seeing much of me today!

In my photo gallery, I show a picture of a perky yellow perennial I’ve only known by the name
of Twinks…so if someone can enlighten me as to its proper name – please do. It’s just one of those plants that make you feel happy. I say it’s cute, but that makes my husband nauseous. I call people who are really old cute, too. He doesn’t get it.

We have a beautiful Spirea on the sunny side of the house, I’m not sure of it’s name. We put it in before we thought about wanting
to remember what the name of a plant was. However, no known name or not, this is nearly one of our garden favorites. The nearly lime green leaves, with the raspberry florets makes a striking image in the garden.

The side garden is a work in progress…we have an old Variegated
Weigela that has been injured somewhere along the way, and it’s now growing in a rather unsightly way….and it was back when we planted indiscriminately, so it’s in the wrong spot. So before I take any pictures of the whole south side of our house, the Weigela needs to go, and we need to replace it with something else. It’s right next to this beautiful Spirea.

The wad is spent though, for this year. So working on the side garden this year is limited to maintenance. Maybe next year.

Happy Gardening!

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There are several similar spiraeas - it may be 'Goldflame'.
Twinks looks like allium moly (a small bulb in the onion family)

6 Jun, 2008


The heat has come to southern Ontario today too!! After a May of rarely creeping over 50F with little sunshine I was quite looking forward to June, but not this! It is 90F(31C), very humid, and I find it way too hot to do much. We had a round of thunderstorms last night, resulting in one house fire after a lightening strike, and they are calling for a weekend of the same. What happened to the nice spring weather this year? Maybe we will see it in October...

6 Jun, 2008


Grammazoo, sounds like southern Ontario is getting the same weather pattern as souther Ohio!!

I sure hope the whole summer isn't going to be this way. Yuck!!

Thanks for writing.


6 Jun, 2008


It was very hot and humid here to in Massachusetts Connie. We hit 96 ( 35C ) this afternoon. Yes we should be having this in August. They said hotter the next couple days. We have thunderstorms in the forecast for the next three days. That's what I don't like as they seem to have become more severe within the last couple years. Yesterday the high here was 58 ( 21C ) From one extreme to the other. I have a Goldflame Spiraes that Andrew spoke of and yes, it is very striking in the garden.
STAY COOL everyone :)

8 Jun, 2008

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