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Well, it stormed Friday night….actually, it was more like a light show with very loud sound affects! It shaked, rattled and rolled! But, it only stormed Friday night. It’s finally dry enough today that hubby went out and planted the 2 new climbing roses. I hope they do well. We sometimes struggle with roses.

Anybody out there wise in the ways of Clematis? We planted a beautiful maroon or wine-colored clematis (lost the tag) last year. This year it’s blooming and has beautiful lush leaves. However, at the base, which is shaded by pansies and hardy geranium, the leaves are yellow – almost a foot up from the ground. And the stems are brown and brittle. Now, I’m afraid if that keeps up, it’ll be dead before you know it!! Any ideas out there? What might be wrong? Help us save our clematis.

I have two pictures of it on the photo page…check it out and let me know what you think. I can’t figure out how to pick just the right picture to paste here.

Hope you all are having a beautiful, blessed day.

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Hi Connie,
I think your Clematis is ok! sometimes the lower leaves do turn yellowish or brown and Clematis stems do appear brittle, as long as it flowers well then leave it alone but prune it in Feb/March- Group 2 light prune, group 3 hard prune in various articles it is said if it flowers before June '' don't prune'' just tidy it up or light prune and give it a mulch of compost( John Innes number 3) or well rotted manure and feed it with tomato feed once every two weeks until buds appear then stop the feeding and water well in warm weather - remember the more leaves the more water it will need.

1 Jun, 2008


Clematis stems all look pretty much like yours, Connie. Dave has said all I would have, so I shall just say, don't worry, just remember that Clematis are greedy and like being fed!

1 Jun, 2008


Try some diluted Tomato food every few weeks to encourage flowering and this should help to keep the leaves green and lushious. As Spritz mentions they are greedy souls.

1 Jun, 2008

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