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What To Do With The Pond Filter




Im Looking For Ideas On How To Hide,Cover The Pond Filter
Without Moving Or Sinking It

If Anybody Has Any Suggestions They Would Be More Than Welcome

Thanks In Advance

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You could get a few more extra rocks to hide it from view, but still leaving you access.
Or plant something small and dense to hide it, such as a nice carex grass for all round colour.

26 Mar, 2009


I can see, in the top right hand corner of your photo, some green forest bark edging. Perhaps surround it with this and put a plant in a pot on top of it. If you look at my photos I think you will see that this is what I did with mine. Photo No. 26. Sadie

26 Mar, 2009


I would also suggest planting something to hide it, if you look at my photo called pond bench, my filter is hidden behind the rhododenron. I know mine is a bit further away from the pond than yours, but you may find something suitable to plant next to it. I did see in Exbury Gardens a wisteria which was left unsupported alongside a pond, quite novel I thought, perhaps you could do that.

31 Mar, 2009

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