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When we moved from the Midlands to the South, it will be 11 years on June 19th (our Wedding Anniversary!!) we were given a Pink Wisteria from a dear gardening friend, last year it flowered for the first time!! and it was blue…..but a beautiful blue, so we did not mind.
This year it was a mass of flower buds, such excitement!! then a bluetit decided to build a nest in our box next to the Wisteria even more excitement, day by day the bluetit would come out of the box and sit on our plaited Wisteria…it looked as if it was eating, must be greenfly we said, we kept well away as we did not want to frighten the birds (now two of them) this went on for a fortnight and then they disappeared OH went to look to see if there was a nest, there was but empty and our Wisteria had been stripped of all but two flower buds we could not believe it!! that was bad enough…… but what was even worse was the birds had rejected our box for another, common practice for the male to build several nests and the female to take her pick, ours obviously was not good enough…….
The pictures below show one of the trusses, and a close up of the flowers, still better than nothing you might say!! shall fleece the Wisteria next time lol

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oooooooooooooooo d.d such a shame , never knew they did this ............... i wud be so upset tooooo ;0((((

13 May, 2011


I am so glad you knew about the Bluetits building several nests,Dd.Ours nested for the first time last year,and reared their young..this year,they did the same as your' its nice to know the reason..but I was disappointed..ah,well,that's life! Sorry your Wisteria suffered,but what there is left is very nice..:o)

13 May, 2011


At least the wisteria flowered DD, after such a long time and blue is nice afterall. Mine flowered for the first time this year too, lets hope they carry on now year on year.

13 May, 2011


The birds obviously felt guilty and left a little of your Wisteria to enjoy! Strange how they build more than one nest and disappointing for us humans. Same thing happened here, I got so excited to think Bluetits had returned, two weeks later, not a sign of them. : o ((

14 May, 2011


I think both Shirley's and my Bluetits have absconded to your garden,Dd....was it something we said,I wonder ?.Lol.

14 May, 2011


Our neighbours have both a Blackbird and a Robin nesting in their Bay tree ... saw a fledgling Blackbird yesterday ... must keep Megan well away!

14 May, 2011


I presume Mrs Bluetit wanted a blue interior, DD2! Glad they left you with a little bit of colour - it is a lovely blue.

15 May, 2011


That is so pretty DD, I would cover it next year. The birds are still attacking my pots and there are nests all over the garden but no Bluetits.
June 19th is my birthday :0)))))

16 May, 2011


So June 19th is special to you too Annella and your having trouble with your pots........always something isn't there?
Gee I was thankful I had some left, they obviously found it was difficult to eat the buds underneath. Shirley we were convinced they were going to stay ,,,,after all the trouble Mr had gone to!! Bloomer better luck next year.
Dawn we have another Wisteria bought it in flower being as the other one had never flowered, nothing at all this year!! you cannot win can you?
So now you know Cristina you can be prepared with some fleece!

16 May, 2011


Lovely DD2.....One of my favourites....:-)

17 May, 2011


Thanks Louis....โ˜บ

18 May, 2011


happy 4 june the 19th annella in case i 4 get ...............

23 May, 2011

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