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Oh dear what have we done?


I really dont know where to start, having never blogged before (is there such a word?) in my life, so if I go on a bit you will have to forgive all started with our younger daughter Hannah commenting on how good the garden looked, this was in early June, and to be truthful it did look good, thanks to my hard working husband!
the next thing I heard was I think we would like to have our wedding in your garden…… her future intended had to sit down,and recover himself!
Now between you me and the gatepost, my husband was chuffed to say the least, he thought they would never get around to it.
Well when the excitement had died down, daughter drops the odd remark…you will have to get a better arch, I will admit, it had seen better days, but it was not on this years agenda, oh! and it would be nice to have some sort of water feature…..
Now the thought of thirty would be Alan Titchmarshes looking round our garden is rather daunting, the wedding is to be in May 09, so it only gives us a few months to get this garden looking like something out of House and Garden…ha ha
Unfortunately we had just installed a conservatory, (waited 20 years, I am very patient!) hence the garden needs a new design now, so it was to be out with the old pond, it was an eyesore anyway, Freddie Fish rehomed….well that was the idea but Freddie was having none of it disappeared every time we got the net out, and now that he has the pond to himself he is growing daily as he has no other mates to share his food, so what now…..well I will put some pictures of the garden on, it now looks like a bomb has hit it or Dermuid Gavin ..time for bed,as they say tomorrow is another day, good job because my back is killing me!!

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Well, if this is your first-ever blog (and, yes "blogged" is a word), it's a cracker! No wonder your hubby is chuffed that your daughter wants to get wed in your garden. What a testimony! Even if her interest in the garden has a motive, at least she is interested. This is going to be a marvellous project! I look forward to this!

10 Oct, 2008


I enjoyed reading your blog, could almost see the big grin on her husbands face lol.
gona be an exciting time for ye all there.
ill look forward to the photos.
pass on my good wishes to your daughter and her intended

10 Oct, 2008


What a compliment to you both! A lovely, happy occasion to look forward to. There's plenty of time to get things sorted - given reasonable weather, that is! Start with a list of priorities and stick to it, even if you add things to it as you go along. Also, grow or plan for some pots of pretty flowers to pop into spaces. Don't forget that some members on this site open their gardens for the NGS and will be able to advise for your big occasion especially if emergencies arise! (They are already helping me in readiness for my first opening next June!)

10 Oct, 2008


I think it,s fantastic that the happy couple should want to use your garden Dotty.D . It must look lovely even before you give it a makeover for them to even consider it , well done , we will look forward to the photo,s :0)

10 Oct, 2008


This is a very exciting project.

My comment is to be VERY aware of what the British weather might throw at you on the big day. Hope for sunshine, but have solid paths and areas with some kind of shelter, where overhanging branches won't drip down.

I attend lots of outdoor dog shows during the summer, and I've learned to be ready for anything from heat-waves to hailstones !

Looking forward to photos and updates on your progress.

10 Oct, 2008


congratulations to you both and not to far to travel either!!
good luck with the revamp ......steve

10 Oct, 2008


Hi hanks for all your good wishes, as you say the weather is and always will be a problem, luckily the conservatory is a fair size so will accommodate most of the guests.
I like the idea of growing pots of plants Spritz. Unfortunately the garden is too small for a tent, ( a two man one yes!!)The trellis arrives tomorrow, I have my trusty paint brush at the ready, not my most favourite job but hey ho someone has to do it, better than the ironing any day...

15 Oct, 2008

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