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Spindles in April......


I realised it was some time since I had posted any photographs of the garden as a whole……so here goes…
Last year we took on the mammoth task of removing the pond, well barrel, putting in a larger one in the middle bed, which meant the middle bed had to be completely cleared of roses, herbaceous and shrubs, well we did it, and it is coming along well…

We were then left with an empty space where the previous pond had been, that is now a dedicated (already blogged! rose area using David Austins roses, all coming along nicely!! photos to follow soon……

Then we decided to take out the large black bamboo!! now that took some doing, left an enormous hole, so all new planting, yet again…

Since then OH has crazy paved under the garden bench, it was pebbles, tidying up Grislinia prunings was a pain, looks so much better, pictures to follow! oh and more new planting!

Our garden is divided by a winding path, which you have to follow in order to get to the top of the garden, all the borders and lawns lead off from that path, let me take you there…

OH removing black bamboo last winter…

Cornus Baton Rouge with Libertia..

Choisya Sundance flowers…….

Ceanothus and Weigela foliage….

Mahonia and Pittosporum….

The Boggy area Ligularia, Gunnera, Astilbe etc…

New Rose! middle daughter gave me a Garden gift token for Mothering Sunday…. so we decided on Munstead Wood a rose that we both have admired in the past…..and its a David Austin too!

I hope you have enjoyed your walk through our garden, I will take you to the top of the garden another day,

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The best non active walk since coming home yesterday from a Gall Bladder glad to be rid of it.No real gardening for 4 to 6 weeks.

Just what the doctor ordered DD....Can't wait to see the rose garden...
Munstead Wood is adorable,one of my sons bought it 2 years ago on Mother's day.
Isn't it such a pleasurable feeling changing the garden.I'm sure it will be a success.

16 Apr, 2019


Oh goodness me Meadow, I am sorry to hear that you have had to have your gall bladder removed? I do hope all goes well for you over the next few weeks.......
Have loved changing the garden, only because it has actually worked well, for a change....
Take care........enjoy the rest....

16 Apr, 2019


Sorry,DD, I didn't mean to make it about's just that your garden tour made me smile and I know how much effort you both put into these projects.

16 Apr, 2019


I did enjoy it...very much! Thank you x

16 Apr, 2019


I take it the path is in its original position, the vistas into the borders changed. Can't wait to see OH hard work, putting into reality your clever design ideas.

16 Apr, 2019


Not at all Meadow!! I am pleased it made you smile....
Siris...funnily enough the path has been lifted and relaid, it had sunk in places!! but still in its original place!
Your welcome Karen......

16 Apr, 2019


I also meant to say...bonnie breechs!

16 Apr, 2019


I love your meandering path through your garden. A very pretty garden it is too. Ours is a 'centrifuge garden' all the borders around the edge so no paths :o(. Oh cuts the grass and didn't / doesn't want intricate shapes.

look forward to the next blog going round your garden dd2

16 Apr, 2019


Its a lovely inviting garden, so restful looking. Those paths are just asking to be wandered round.
I hope you'll feel much better without the gall bladder - when its a trouble its better out than in...

16 Apr, 2019


Thank you Stera....agree whole heartedly.

16 Apr, 2019


I did enjoy my meandering Dotty, you do have a lovely garden, I always think that when you have to take a walk to see what's going on its all the more enjoyable...Lovely photographs...

17 Apr, 2019


That's the sort of garden I like to visit. Too late for me now, but I enjoyed wandering round yours, DD.

18 Apr, 2019


Thank you for the walk round the garden Dotty. That path must have taken some doing ! Aren't you workers both of you and a glutton for punishment ! Hahaa!
I will be looking forward to all your photos of your lovely garden.

18 Apr, 2019


Its beautiful Dd, we have just decided to take out our black bamboo too, hubbys got the hard task of getting the very large clump out, was expecting to just reduce and thin out but it's got too big. Look forward to seeing the rest of your garden, stunning as ever :-))

19 Apr, 2019


Beautiful ! :)

23 Apr, 2019


Hywel thanks...(。♡‿♡。) Daylily it was a mammoth task taking out that black bamboo, the roots had travelled quite far, luckily they were easy to pull out, it was getting the main part out, left an enormous hole!!(・o・)good luck with yours!! ⊙﹏⊙ and thanks for the lovely compliments...
Rose, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the trip around our garden, and yes we are gluttons for punishment.¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯doing it while we still have the energy!!
Eirlys you're welcome any time...◉‿◉ tea and cake provided!
Lincs that's so kind of you, it has been designed especially to get you to the top of the garden, without getting your feet wet!!(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)with a few vistas along the way!
Stera pleased you liked it...I don't have a problem with my gall bladder touch wood...(・o・) but Meadow did!
Seaburn, many thanks for the compliments, the original concrete path snaked around the garden, so it was the lesser of two evils to use the same design, OH has got use to cutting two lawns of various dimensions....

23 Apr, 2019


Thanks Dd hope to find something good to replace it eventually, i like your little signs in your txt :-))

24 Apr, 2019


Oh thank you Daylily, they are fun aren't they?

24 Apr, 2019



24 Apr, 2019

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