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another day


Keeping the Mandevilla overwinter sure has paid off. It is loaded with blooms. Hoping my Hubby gets the foundation finished around the front of our home so I can plant flowers for next year.
Guess I need to make a plan. I love oriental poppys and Delphiniums but not sure how they grow in this area. I planted some Oriental Poppy seeds and not a one came up. Maybe too much rain. My mother grew the most beautiful ones back home. I find in this area alot of the wildflowers that grow here we buy back in Washington State.
How funny is that.

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beautiful picture

10 Jul, 2008


You can look in the neighbours garsens and check what grows well. Mind you I like a challenge and I've grown things from UK that the neighbours here in Hungary have never seen.

11 Jul, 2008


Don't tell me that you get rain too, maybe it's coming here from you on the west winds that we get? Sorry you can't grow some of your favourites but Hey, you will find other lovely flowers to take their place! Good luck with the search.

11 Jul, 2008

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