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Success with seeds


By FionaS


After receiving my parcel of seeds from the RHS I couldn’t wait to get started. After a couple of weeks the seedlings started to come through on the Basil, Nepeta, Lovage and Foxglove. There are some that I need to cold-stratify so will just have to bite the bullet and hope for the best on those. Will keep you posted with my progress.

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I've got mine too and am not at all sure how cold stratifying has to be. I am going to have a go at planting mine ASAP and just hope for success...

27 Apr, 2008


I get the impression that each species has it's own length of cold stratification time. Maybe a search on each of your seed types will give you the exact timings for it. Good luck. Will be interested in how you get on.

28 Apr, 2008


I'm currently cold stratifying (is that the verb?) some redwood seeds that came in a bonsai kit. I was wondering how the process went for anyone in this discussion. I can't seem to find much mention about it on this site.

26 Oct, 2008

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