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(3) Wisteria - Ignorance is bliss


I spent last year frustrated with my Wisteria, it had flowered beautifully
but, the stem had never been trained properly and it was twisted back on itself. I looked in several books and on the web, they all had advice on pruning and but I couldn’t find anything on retraining.
So I made the decision to make or break and gave it a severe haircut.

For 3 months there was no sign of life but then at the end of April a couple of shoots appeared on the stump I had left.
By the end of May one of the new shoots had even flowered.. :0)

Four months on and this is the result.
I have trained the new growth along the garage wall,
built a framework to put next years growth across and also sent it in the other direction to hopefully, grow across the back wall of the house.
If I had stuck with what I had read I would have just left it as it was. As it is now I am happy with the new growth, it may go pear shaped but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will flower next year

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Sometimes you just have to be bold and just do it!! Good for you; you are being well rewarded for your courage. It is really coming back nicely and I'm looking forward to updated pictures when it flowers again!!

28 Sep, 2008


Very Impressive. That took a lot of courage.

28 Sep, 2008


Well done! What a brave man you are! I have to admit that when I saw how severely you’d cut it back I gasped!!

You’ve made me think about the wisteria we have..... it flowers well, but it has gone a little bit crazy with its growth. I’ll have to give it some thought. Marion

28 Sep, 2008


You have a good lot of new healthy growth now. I hope it flowers for you next year.
All the best, Hywel.

28 Sep, 2008


It looks really healthy

28 Sep, 2008


Well done you, i must admit i thought you had killed it dead :) it looks better now and im so looking forward to seeing it in flower...

28 Sep, 2008


Well done. We did the same with our Wisteria at the front of our house three years ago.We didn't undertake such a drastic prune as yourself, but we cut it back to several main branches. It has continued to flower beautifully each successive year. Continue to give it two light prunes each year one in spring before the new growth gets going and one in autumn, and you will be able to keep it in shape.Also give it some fish blood and bone to feed it next year.They are quite greedy.Your Wisteria has a lovely shape now and it looks very happy!

28 Sep, 2008


Hope this does flower for you next year, it will be beautiful. I love wisteria, I had a lovely one on the front of my house that I had to leave. Was so sad to see the new owners got rid of it.

28 Sep, 2008


Lovely to see this Fdm, you have done really well with it. I have a young one which I moved from a shady spot to the sun, and I'm hoping it may flower this next year.

28 Sep, 2008


Janey - When I was reading up on them I found out that young wisteria cuttings rarely flower before 4 to 5 years, grown from seed often 10 years :0( Don't know how old yours is but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it flowers next Spring :o)

28 Sep, 2008


Fleurdemia ~ That turned out lovely, no guts, no glory.
Mine is over an arbor and is twisted everywhere which is one of the things I like best about it.
Here is the base...

and here are the flowers...

29 Sep, 2008


Will have to show my friend Michele your blog. She doesn't do computers! But she has inherited a wisteria which she is undecided what to do with . Thanks for your tips!

30 Sep, 2008


Thanks, Fdm, I bought mine as a plant from a gardening show last summer, so aren't sure of it's origins, only another 3 years to go!!! :o(

30 Sep, 2008


Goodness, I though I was being drastic with my cuttings....
Now this is a real question Felurdemai: Reading and following the suggestions from GOY members, about cutting the wisteria twice a year, I did cut mine, not as short cut as you did, three weeks ago.
It is all over with new branches - 15cm long.
It is beggining of Autumn here today... temperatures can drop to 5°C during winter, but wo'nt go under 15° till june, some late warmings to 25° and this plant faces west, receiving afternoon plenty sun.
Would you suggest to cut it again?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

21 Mar, 2009

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